Our list of railways includes most railroads and dedicated railway transit systems around the world since the early 1800's.  It also includes tramways and other guided ground transportation systems due to their impact on railway safety and signaling. Athough some rubber tired systems are in the list, they are not included as railways, but because they share railway signal systems in some manner. Over 8,000 railways listed.

Today, some roller coasters fall in to the railway class, but have not been included here, though the reason is obvious.  This list is updated as necessary, but not regularly. The list consists of railways for which we have information on record - This list includes operating railways (carriers and/or equipment), and railways with charters (non-operating), both current and defunct.


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D & I Railroad Co
Daguscahonda & Elk Railroad Company
Dairymen's Express
Dakota Central Railway Company
Dakota Pacific Railroad
Dakota Rail, Inc
Dakota Southern Railway Co
Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Corp
Dakota, Minnesota Valley & Western Railroad, Inc
Dakota, Wyoming & Missouri River Railroad Company
Dalian City Transport Company
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Dallas Railway & Terminal
Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad, Inc
Dalmunzie Hotel Light Railway
Dan Patch Electric Railroad
Danbury & Norwalk Railroad Company
Danbury Terminal Railroad Co
Danish State Railways
Dansville & Mount Morris Railroad Company
Dansville & Mount Morris Railroad Company, The
Danube-Save-Adriatic Railway
Danvers Railroad Company
Danville & New River
Danville & Pottsville
Danville & Shamokin Railroad Company
Danville & Sunbury Transit Company
Danville & Western Railway Company
Danville Traction & Power Company
Danville, Mocksville & Southwestern Railroad Company
Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad Company
Dardanelle, Ola & Southern
Darien & Western Railroad Company
Darlington, Andros, Mintle, Newtown Interurban Transit
Dauphin & Berks Railroad Company
Dauphin & Susquehanna
Davenport & Rock Island Railway Bridge Company
Davenport, Rock Island & North Western Railway Co
Davies Johnson Lumber Company
Dawes Silica Mining
Dawson, Bradford & Mt Pleasant Railroad
Dayon & Michigan Railroad Company
Dayton & Troy Electric
Dayton & Union Railroad Company
Dayton & Western Railroad Company
Dayton & Xenia Traction
Dayton Coal & Iron Companys Railroad
Dayton, Covington & Piqua Traction Company
Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati Railroad Company
Dayton, Lebanon & Northern
DC Transit
De Kalb & Red River Railroad Company
De Pue, Ladd & Eastern Railroad Company
De Queen & Eastern Railroad Co
Dead River Railroad Company
Deadwood Central
Death Valley Railroad
Debardeleben Coal Corp
Decatur Junction Railway Co
Decatur, Sullivan & Mattoon
Dedham & Franklin Street Railway
Dedham-Norwood-East Napole Line
Deep Creek Railroad
Deep Rock
Deerfield River Railroad
Deerfield Valley Railroad
Deitch Company
Del Norte Southern Railway
Delaware & Bound Brook Railroad Company
Delaware & Chesapeake Railway Company
Delaware & Eastern Railroad
Delaware & Hudson Canal Company
Delaware & Hudson Coal Company
Delaware & Hudson Gravity Railroad
Delaware & Hudson Railroad (?)
Delaware & Hudson Railway
Delaware & Marion Electric Company
Delaware & Northern Railroad
Delaware & Northern Railway
Delaware & Otsego Railroad Company
Delaware & Ulster Railroad
Delaware Bay & Cape May Railroad Company
Delaware Department of Transportation
Delaware Otsego Corp
Delaware Railroad Company
Delaware Railroad Company of New Jersey
Delaware River & Lancaster Railroad Company
Delaware River Ferry Company
Delaware River Port Authority
Delaware River Railroad & Bridge Company
Delaware River Railroad Company
Delaware Shore Railroad
Delaware Valley Railroad
Delaware Valley Railway Company
Delaware Valley Railway Company, Inc
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company
Delaware, Lackawanna, Schuykill & Susquehanna
Delaware, Maryland & Virginia Railroad Company
Delaware, Susquehanna & Schuylkill Railroad Company
Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad, Inc, The
Delmarva Power & Light
Delray Connecting Raiload Co
Delray Terminal
Delta Bulk Terminals
Delta Railroad Company
Delta Railway Company
Delta Southern
Delta Valley & Southern Railway Co
Delta, New Westminster & Eastern Railway Company
Delware River Joint Commission
Demarara Railway
Denison & Sherman Railway
Denison & Suburban Railway Company
Denison & Washita
Denison & Washita Valley Railway Company
Denkman Lumber Company
Dents Run Railroad Company
Denver & Cheyenne
Denver & Intermountain Railroad
Denver & Interurban Railroad
Denver & New Orleans
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co
Denver & Salt Lake Railroad
Denver & Salt Lake Railway
Denver Pacific Railroad Company
Denver Resort Railway & Telegraph Company
Denver Tramway
Denver Union Terminal Railway Co, The
Denver Zoo
Denver, Boulder & Western
Denver, Colorado Canyon & Pacific
Denver, Enid & Gulf
Denver, Lakewood & Golden Railroad Company
Denver, Leadville & Alma
Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Railway Company
Denver, Longmont & Noland Railway Company
Denver, Northwestern & Pacific
Denver, South Park & Pacific
Denver, Texas & Fort Worth
Denver, Utah & Pacific
Department of Transportation, City of Detroit
Depew Lancaster & Western Railroad Co, Inc
DeQueen & Eastern Railroad
Des Moines & Central
Des Moines & Central Iowa Railway
Des Moines & Fort Dodge Railroad Company
Des Moines & Kansas City Railway Company
Des Moines & Minnesota
Des Moines & St Louis Railroad Company
Des Moines City Railway
Des Moines Terminal Company
Des Moines Union Railway Company
Des Moines Valley Railroad
Des Moines, Northern & Western Railroad Company
Deseret-Western Railway
Detroit & Bay City Railroad Company
Detroit & Chicago Railroad Company
Detroit & Lima Northern
Detroit & Mackinac Railway Company
Detroit & Milwaukee
Detroit & St Joseph
Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad
Detroit Diesel Edison
Detroit Edison
Detroit Monroe Toledo Short Line
Detroit River Tunnel Company
Detroit Southern
Detroit Street Railway
Detroit Terminal Railroad
Detroit Union Railroad Depot & Station Company
Detroit United Railway
Detroit, Bay City & Alpena
Detroit, Bay City & Western
Detroit, Caro & Sandusky
Detroit, Delray & Dearborn Railroad Company
Detroit, Eel River & Illinois
Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Railway Company
Detroit, Hillsdale & Indiana
Detroit, Hillsdale & Southwestern Railroad Company
Detroit, Lansing & Northern Railroad Company
Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette
Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Railroad Company
Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Shore Line Railway
Detroit, Pontiac & Mackinac
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee
Deutsche Bundesbahn
Deutsche Bundesbahn
Deutsche Reichsbahn
Deutsche Reichsbahn
Deutsche Reichsbahn
Devco Railway
Devil's Lake & Chautauqua
Devil's Lake & Northern
Dexter & Newport Railroad Company
Dexter & Northern
Dexter & Piscataquis Railroad Company
Diamond & Caldor Railroad
Diamond Jo Line
Diamond Railway Company
Diamond Valley
Dick Construction Company
Dierks Forest Industries
Dillsburg & Mechanicsburg Railroad Company
Dismal Swamp railroad
Disneyland Monorail
District of Columbia Transit
District Railway
Dixie Sand & Gravel
Dodge City Ford & Bucklin Railroad Co, Inc
Dolly Varden Railway Company
Dome Railway
Dominion Atlantic Railway
Dominion Foundries & Steel
Dominion of Canada
Domino Sugar Company
Donaldsonville & Napoleonville Railway
Doncaster & Box Hill Electric Road Company
Doniphan, Kensett & Searcy Railway
Donora Southern Railroad
Dopravni Podnik Mesta Brna
Dorada Extension
Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG
Douglas & McDonald Railroad Company
Douglas, Augusta & Florida
Douglas, Augusta & Gulf Railway
Dover & Rockaway Railroad Company
Dover & Southbound
Dover & Statesboro Railroad Company
Dover & Winnipiseogee Railroad Company
Dow Chemical
Dowling & Camp
Down Town Railroad Company
Downie Creek Railway Company
Downingtown & Lancaster Railroad Company
DPB-Elektricke Drahy
Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG
Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG
Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG
Drummond & Southwestern Railway Company
Dry Fork Railroad Company
Dry Ice Refrigerator Line
Dublin & Southwestern
Dublin & Wrightsville
Dublin Area Rapid Transit
Dubois County Railroad
Dubuque & Sioux City Railroad Company
Dudgemona Bayou Lumber Company
Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft AG
Duke Power Company
Duluth & Iron Range Railroad Company
Duluth & Manitoba Railroad Company
Duluth & Northeastern Railroad Co
Duluth & Northern Minnesota Railroad
Duluth & Winnipeg Railroad Company
Duluth & Winnipeg Terminal Company
Duluth Belt Line Railway
Duluth Short Line Railway Company
Duluth Street Railway
Duluth Terminal Railway Company
Duluth Transfer Railway Company
Duluth Union Depot & Transfer
Duluth, Crookston & Northern Railroad Company
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway Co
Duluth, Missabe & Northern
Duluth, Missabe & Western
Duluth, Mississippi River & Northern Railroad Company
Duluth, Rainy Lake & Winnipeg
Duluth, Red Wing & Southern Railroad Company
Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway Company
Duluth, St Clouth, Glencoe & Mankato Railway
Duluth, Virginia & Rainy Lake
Duluth, Watertown & Pacific Railway Company
Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railroad
Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway
Duluth, Winnipeg & Western Railway
Duncannon, Bloomfield & Loysville
Duncannon, Landisburg & Broadtop railroad
Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway
Dunderberg Spiral Railway
Dunham Railroad Company
Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pittsburg Railroad Company
Dunkirk, Warren & Pittsburgh
Dunn-Erwin Railway
Duquesne ??
Duquesne Slag Products Company
Durango & Silverton
Durban Tramways Company
Durham & Northern Railway Company
Durham & Southern Railway
Durham Transport, Inc
Durham Union Station Company
Dutchess & Columbia
Dutchess & Columbia Railroad Company
Dutchess County Railroad Company
Eagle Lake & West Branch
Eagle Mills Railroad Company
Eagle Mountain Railroad
Eagle Pitcher Lead Company
Eagles Mere Railroad Company
East & West Coast Railroad
East & West Railroad Company
East & West Railroad of Alabama
East African Railways
East Barre & Chelsea
East Branch & Lincoln
East Broad Top
East Broad Top Railroad & Coal Company
East Camden & Highland Railroad Co
East Carolina Railway
East Cleveland Railway
East Cooper and Berkeley Railroad
East Erie Commercial Railroad
East Florida
East Florida, Live Oak & Rowlands Bluff
East German State Railway
East Japan Railway Company
East Jersey Railroad & Terminal Co
East Jordan & Southern Railroad
East Kootenay Logging Railway Company
East Kootenay Railway Company
East Kootenay Valley Railway Company
East Line & Red River
East Lorain Street Railway
East Louisiana Railroad Company
East Mahanoy & Hazelton Railroad Co
East Mahanoy Railroad Company
East Middlesex Street Railway Company
East Oakland Railroad Company
East Penn Railways Inc
East Pennsylvania Railroad Company
East Portland Traction Co
East Shore & Suburban Railway Company
East Shore Terminal Company
East St Louis & Carondelet Railway Company
East St Louis & Suburban Railway
East St Louis Connecting Railway Company
East St Louis Junction Railroad
East Taunton Street Railway
East Tennessee & Georgia Railroad
East Tennessee & Virginia Railroad
East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad Company
East Tennessee Railway, LP
East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia
East Tennessee, Virginia & Gulf
East Texas Central Railroad
East Texas Transportation Company
East Trenton Railroad Company
East Troy Municipal Railway
East Troy Railroad
East Washington Railway
Eastern & Oriental Express, Ltd
Eastern Alabama Railway
Eastern British Columbia Railway Company
Eastern Idaho Railroad, Inc
Eastern Illinois Railroad Co
Eastern Kentucky Railway Company
Eastern Kentucky Southern
Eastern Maine Railway Company
Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway
Eastern Michigan Railways
Eastern New York railway
Eastern Ohio Railroad Company
Eastern Ohio Traction
Eastern Railroad
Eastern Railroad
Eastern Railroad in New Hampshire
Eastern Railroad of Massachusetts
Eastern Railway
Eastern Railway of Minnesota
Eastern Shore Railroad Co
Eastern Texas Electric Company
Eastern Texas Railroad
Eastern Wisconsin Railway & Light Company
Eastman Kodak Company
Easton & Amboy Railroad Company
Easton & Northern Railroad Company
Eatonton Branch Railroad Company
Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls & Northeastern
Ebensburg & Black Lick Railroad Company
Eberle Tanning Company
Echo & Park City Railway Company
Ecorail, Inc
Ed Hines Western Pine Company
Edaville Railroad
Edgefield & Kentucky Railroad
Edgemoor & Manetta Railway
Edgewood Railroad Company
Edmonton & Athabasca Railway Company
Edmonton & Mackenzie River Railway Company
Edmonton & Saskatchewan Railway Company
Edmonton & Slave Lake Railway Company
Edmonton & Southwestern Railway Company
Edmonton District Railway Company
Edmonton Interurban Railway Company
Edmonton Northwestern Radial Railway Company
Edmonton Radial Railway (?)
Edmonton Radial Tramway
Edmonton Street Railway Company
Edmonton Transit
Edmonton, Donvoga & British Columbia Railway
Edmonton, Dunvegan & British Columbia Railway Company
Edmonton, Stony Plain & Wabamun Railway Company
Edmonton, Yukon & Pacific Railway Company
Edvaville Railroad
Edward Hines Lumber Company
Eel River & Eureka Railroad Company
Eel River Railroad
Effingham Railroad Co
Egypt Railway Company
Egyptian National Railways
Egyptian National Railways
El Dorado and Wesson Railway Co
El Paso & Juarez Electric Company
El Paso & Southwestern
El Paso City Lines
El Paso de Robles Street Railway
El Paso Electric Company
El Paso Northern Railway Company
El Paso Southern
El Paso Union Passenger Depot
El Potosi & Chihhuahua
El Teniente Mining Company
Elberton Air Line Railroad Company
Elberton Southern Railway
Elbow River Suburban Railway Company
Eldorado Railroad
Eldorado, Marion & southwestern
Electric Short Line Railway
ElectroMotive Corp
Elektrische Bahnen der Stadt Bonn und des Rhein-Sieg-Kreises
Elgin & Belvidere Interurban
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Company
Elgin, Joliet & Western
Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical
Elizabeth & Somerville
Elizabeth Extension Railroad Company
Elizabethport & Somerville railroad
Elizabethton & North Carolina
Elizabethtown & Somerville railroad
Elk & Highland
Elk River Coal & Lumber
Elk River Railroad, Inc, The
Elkhart & Western Railroad Company
Elkhart Metals
Elkton & Guthrie Railroad Company
Ellaville, Westlake & Jennings Railroad Company
Ellis & Eastern Company
Ellwood Connecting Railroad Company
Ellwood Short Line Railroad Company
Elm Run Coal Companys Railroad
Elmira & Chemung Valley (??)
Elmira & Lake Ontario Railroad Company
Elmira & Williamsport Railroad Company
Elmira Light, Heat & Power Company
Elmira State Line Railroad Company
Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad Company
Elsinore, Pomona & Los Angeles Railway Company
Ely Thomas Lumber
Elyria, Grafton & Southern Railway
Emmitsburg Railroad Company
Emons Transportation Group, Inc
Emory River Railroad
Empire Detroit Division of Cyclops Steel
Empire Sugar Company
Empire Transportation Company
Emporium & Mt Jewitt
Emporium & Rich Valley Railroad Company
Engleside Railroad Company
Englewood Connecting Railway Company
English Welsh & Scottish Railway
Ensley Open Hearth
Enterprise Railroad Company
Entre Rios Railway
Entwhistle & Alberta Southern Railway Company
Eppenger & Russell Logging Railroad
Epsom Salts Monorail
Epworth League Railway Company
Erie & Black Rock Railroad Company
Erie & Central New York Railway Company
Erie & Kalamazoo Railroad Company
Erie & Michigan Railway & Navigation Company
Erie & Ontario Railway Company
Erie & Pittsburgh Railroad Company
Erie & Wyoming Valley Railroad Company
Erie City Energy Division Zurn Industries
Erie Commercial Railroad
Erie International Railway Company
Erie Lackawanna
Erie Mining Company
Erie Railroad Company
Erie Western
Erie, Wabash & St Louis
Escambia Railroad Company
Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad Co
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Family Lines Railway
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway Company
Essener Verkehrs-AG
Essener Verkehrs-AG
Essex Terminal Railway Co, The
Est Railway
Estacado & Gulf
Etat Railway
Ethio-Djiboutian Railway
Ethiopian Government Railways
Etna & Montrose
Euclid railroad
Eureka & Kalamath River Railroad Company
Eureka & Palisade Railway Company
Eureka Hill Railroad
Eureka Nevada Railway
Eureka Southern
Eureka Springs Railway Company
European & North American Railroad
European & North American Railway Company
Eusko Trenbideak-Basque Railways
Evanston Railway Company
Evansville & Crawford
Evansville & Indianapolis Railroad Company
Evansville & Ohio Valley Railway
Evansville & Peoria
Evansville & Richmond Railroad Company
Evansville & Terre Haute Railroad Company
Evansville Belt Railway Railway Company
Evansville Terminal Company, Inc
Evansville, Indianapolis & Terre Haute
Evansville, Suburban & Newburg Railway Company
Evansville, Terre Haute & Chicago Railway Company
Evansville, Washington & Brazil
Evansville, Washington & Worthington
Everett & Monte Cristo Railway Company
Everett Pipe & Steel
Everett Railroad Co, The
Everett Railroad Company
Ewauna Box Company
Excel Railcar Corp
Excelsior Brick
Excelsior Springs Railroad Company
Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway
Expo '67 Rapid Transit
Fair Ground Railroad Company
Fair Hill Railroad Company
Fairbanks Morse
Fairchild & Northeastern
Fairchild Works Tennessee Coal & Iron
Fairhaven & New Whatcom Railway Company
Fairhaven & New Whatcom Street Railway Company
Fairhaven & Southern Railroad Company
Fairland, Franklin & Martinsville Railroad Company
Fairmont Belt Railroad Company
Fairmont Park Trolley (?)
Fairmont, Morgantown & Pittsburgh Railroad Company
Fairmount & Quarryville
Fairmount Park Transit
Fairport, Painesville & Eastern Railway
Falconbridge Nickel Mines
Fall Brook Coal Company
Fall Brook Railroad
Fall Brook Railway Company
Fall River & Dalaye Beach Railroad
Fall River Railroad Company
Falls Creek Railroad Company
Falls Road Railroad Co, Inc
Falls Road Railroad Co, Inc
Family Lines
Famoco (?)
Far Rockaway Branch Railroad
Fargo & Southwestern Railroad Company
Farmrail Corp
Farmville & Powhatan Railroad Company
Fayette & Little Rock Railway Company
Fayette County Railroad Company
Feather River Lumber Company
Feather River Railway
Federal Barge Lines
Federal Valley Railroad
Feliciana Eastern Railroad
Felicity & Bethel Railroad
Fennimore & Woodman
Ferdinand Railroad
Fernandina & Amelia Beach
Fernandina & Jacksonville
Fernandina Municipal Railway
Fernie & Elk River Railway Company
Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf Railroad
Ferro Monte Railroad Company
Ferrocarril Buin a Maipo
Ferrocarril Cartegna a Las Cruces
Ferrocarril de Chihuahua al Pacifico
Ferrocarril de Pacifico
Ferrocarril de Penaflor
Ferrocarril de Puerto Principe y Nuevitas
Ferrocarril de Santa Rita
Ferrocarril de Sonora
Ferrocarril de Sureste
Ferrocarril General Belgrano SA
Ferrocarril Metropolita de Barcelona SA, SPM
Ferrocarril Metropolita de Barcelona SA, SPM
Ferrocarril Mineral de Chuquicamata
Ferrocarril Occidental de Mexico
Ferrocarril Salitrero de Tarapaca
Ferrocarril Sonora Baja California
Ferrocarril Tocopilla a el Toco
Ferrocarril Urbano
Ferrocarril Urbano de Constitucion
Ferrocarril Urbano de Coquimbo
Ferrocarril Urbano de Melipilla a Huenchun
Ferrocarril Urbano de Molina
Ferrocarril Urbano de Paniagua a Santa Cruz
Ferrocarril Urbano de Parral
Ferrocarril Urbano de Quillota
Ferrocarril Urbano de San Carlos
Ferrocarril Urbano de San Felipe
Ferrocarril Urbano de San Javier
Ferrocarril Urbano de San Vincente
Ferrocarril Urbano de Santa Elena
Ferrocarril Urbano de Santa Ines
Ferrocarril Urbano de Santiago a Blanqueado
Ferrocarriles Metropolitanos SA
Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
Ferrocarrilles de Valle de Mexico
Ferrocarrilles Unidos de Yucatan
Ferrocarrilles Unidos del Sureste
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Ferrovia Centro-Atlantica
Ferrovia Circumetnea
Ferrovie Genova - Casella
Fidalgo City & Anacortes Electric Railway
Fillmore & Western Railway Co
Filtration Plant Railway (?)
Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Railway Company
Finger Lakes railway Corp
Finn Valley Railway
Finnish State Railways
First Union Properties, Inc
Fisher Electric Railway
Fitchburg & Ledminster Street Railway (?)
Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway
Fitchburg & Leominster Street Railway (?)
Fitchburg Railroad Company
Fitzroy, Northcote, & Preston Tramways Trust
Five Mile Beach Electric Railway Co
Flambeau Paper
Flathead Valley Railway Company
Flats Industrial Railroad Co
Flemingsburg & Northern
Flemingsburg & Northwestern Railroad
Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad Company
Flint River & North Eastern
Flora Logging Company
Flordia Power & Light (?)
Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad Company
Florence Railroad Company
Florida Central & Peninsular Railroad Company
Florida Central Railroad Co, Inc
Florida East Coast Railroad (?)
Florida East Coast Railway Company
Florida Interurban Rapid Transit Company
Florida Midland Railroad Company, Inc
Florida Northern Railroad Co, Inc
Florida Peninsular & Gulf Railroad Company
Florida Railroad
Florida Railway & Navigations
Florida Southern Railroad Company
Florida Southwestern
Florida Transit
Florida Transit & Peninsular
Florida West Coast Railroad, Inc
Florida, Atlantic & Gulf Central Railroad
Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad Company
Foote Minerals
Footscray Tramways Trust
Forch Railway
Ford Motor Company
Fording Valley Railway Company
Fordyce & Princeton Railroad Company
Fore River Railroad
Forest City & Sioux City Railroad Company
Forest Grove Transportation
Forest Home Railroad of Milwaukee
Fort Bragg & Southeastern Railroad Company
Fort Bragg Railroad Company
Fort Clark Horse Railway
Fort Collins Municipal Railway Company
Fort Dodge Street Railway
Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway
Fort Eustis Military Railroad
Fort Hamilton
Fort Howard Paper Company
Fort Lucinda Railroad
Fort Myers Southern Railway
Fort Orange Paper Company
Fort Payne & Eastern Railroad Company
Fort Scott Central Railway Company
Fort Smith & Southern
Fort Smith & Van Buren Bridge Company
Fort Smith & Van Buren Railway
Fort Smith & Western Railroad
Fort Smith Railroad Co
Fort Smith, Paris & Dardanelle Railroad Company
Fort Smith, Subiaco & Rock Island Railroad
Fort Street Union Depot Company
Fort Wayne & Chicago
Fort Wayne & Jackson Railroad Company
Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction
Fort Wayne, Muncie & Cincinnati
Fort Wayne, Terre Haute & Southwestern Railroad Company
Fort Wayne-Lima
Fort White & Southern Railway Company
Fort Williams Electric
Fort Worth & Dallas Railroad Co
Fort Worth & Denver City Railway Company
Fort Worth & Denver Railway
Fort Worth & Denver Terminal Railway Company
Fort Worth & New Orleans Railway Company
Fort Worth & Rio Grande Railway Company
Fort Worth & Western Railroad Co
Fort Worth Belt Railway
Fort Worth Transit
Fountain Head Railroad Company
Fox & Illinois Union Railway Company
Fox Creek Railroad Company
Fox Valley & Western Ltd
Frankford, Tacony & Holmesburg Railway
Frankfort & Cincinnati Railroad
Frankfort & Cincinnati Railway
Frankfurt-Konigsteiner Eisenbahn AG
Franklin & Carolina Railroad
Franklin & Lebanon Traction Company
Franklin & Megantic Railroad Company
Franklin & Pittsylvania Railroad Company
Franklin & Tilton Railroad Company
Franklin Electric Street Railway Company
Franklin Railroad
Fraser River Railway Company
Fraser Valley Terminal Railway Company
Frederick & Charlevoix Railroad Company
Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad Company
Fredericksburg, Potomac & Piedmont
Freehold & Atlantic Highland Railroad Company
Freehold & Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad Company
Freehold & New York Railway Company
Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad
Fremont & Indiana
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad Company
French Railways
Fresno Interurban
Fresno Traction
Frisco Mandarin
Frost Shingle Companys Railroad
Fruit Growers Express
Fulton County Narrow Gauge Railway Company
Fulton Railway
Fulton Street Railway
Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway
Furka-Oberalp Railway
Fushun Mining Administration Railway
Gadsden & Attalla Union Railway Company
Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company
Gainesville & Northwestern
Gainesville Midland Railroad
Gainesville, Jefferson & Southern Railroad Company
Gainesville, Rocky Point & Micanopy Railway Company
Galena & Chicago Union
Galena & Southern Wisconsin
Gales Creek & Wilson River Railroad
Galesburg & Great Eastern Railroad
Galesburg, Etherley & Eastern Railroad Company
Gallatin Valley Electric
Galt, Preston & Hespeler Railway
Galveston & Western Railway Company
Galveston Houston Electric Railway
Galveston Railroad, LP
Galveston Wharf Company
Galveston Wharves Terminal
Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway Company
Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad Company
Galveston, La Porte & Houston Railway Company
Garden City Railway Company
Garden City Western Railway, The
Gardiner Inc
Gardner, Westminster & Fitchburg Street Railway
Garnerville Railroad Company
Gary & Western Railroad
Gary Railway
Gateway Eastern Railway Company
Gateway Western Railway Company
Gaylord Paper Company
GE Schenectady Industrial Railroad
Geary Street Cable Railroad Company
Geary Street Cable Railway
Gemeentevervoerbedrijf Amsterdam
General American Pfaudler Corp
General American Transportation Corp
General American Transportation Corp
General Aniline Film
General Crushed Stone
General Electric Railcar Services Corp
General Iron Works
General Logging Company
General Mining Association of Nova Scotia
General Motors
General San Martin
Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Company
Genesee & Wyoming Valley Railway Company
Genesee Valley Canal Railroad Company
Genesee Valley Terminal Railroad Company
Genesee Valley Transportation Company, Inc
Geneva & Ithaca
Geneva, Ithaca & Athens Railroad
Geneva, Ithaca & Sayre
Georges Creek & Cumberland Railroad Company
Georges Valley Railroad Company
Georgetown & Gray's Peak
Georgetown & Western Railroad Company
Georgetown Railroad Company
Georgetown Steel
Georgetown, Breckenridge & Leadville
Georgetown, Rowley & Ipswich Street Railway
Georgia & Alabama Railroad
Georgia & Alabama Railway Company
Georgia & Florida Railroad Co, Inc
Georgia & West Point
Georgia Central Railway, L.P.
Georgia Coast & Piedmont Railroad
Georgia Marble Companys Railroad
Georgia Midland & Gulf Railroad Company
Georgia Midland Railway Company
Georgia Northeastern Railroad Co
Georgia Northern Railway Company
Georgia Power Company
Georgia Railroad
Georgia Railroad & Banking Company
Georgia Southern & Florida Railroad Company
Georgia Southern & Florida Railway Company
Georgia Southwestern Railroad
Georgia Woodlands Railroad, L.L.C.
Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester & Camilla
Georgia, Carolina & Northern Railway Company
Georgia, Florida & Alabama
Georgia, Midland & Gulf
Georgia, Southwestern & Gulf Railroad
Georgia-Pacific Corp
Gerbers Baby Food
German Federal railways
Gettysburg & Harrisburg Railway Company
Gettysburg Electric
Gettysburg Railway
Gifford Logging Railroad
Gila Valley, Globe & Northern Railway Company
Gilford Transportation Company (?)
Gilmore & Pittsburgh Railroad
Gilmore Industrial Center
Gilpin County Tramway Company
Gilpin Railroad
Glasgow & South Western
Glasgow Railroad Company
Glassboro & Millville
Glassboro Railroad Company
Gleichen, Beaver Lake & Victoria Railway Company
Glen Haven Canning Factory
Glen Haven Railroad Company
Glendale & Montrose
Glendale Mill Companys Railroad
Glendon & Gulf Railroad Company
Glenfield & Western
Glenmore Distilleries
Glenmore Distributors
Glenn Springs Railroad Company
Glens Falls Railroad Company
Glion Funicular (?)
Gloster Southern Railroad Co
Gloversville & Broadalbin Railroad Company
GO Transit
Goat River Water Power & Light Company
Godchaux Sugar
Goderich-Exeter Railway Company, Ltd
Gold Coast Railroad
Golden Circle Railroad Company
Golden City & San Juan
Golden Light, Power & Water Company
Golden Triangle Railroad
Goldfield Railroad
Goldsboro Union Station Company
Goodpasture Grain
Gornergrat Road
Goshen & Deckertown Railway Company
Goshen Valley
Goshen, South Bend & Chicago Railway
Goteborgs Sparvagar AB
Gotthard Railway
Gouverneur & Oswegatchie Railroad Company
Government of Ontario Transit
Grace Chemical
Gradski Saobracaj Beograd
Grafton & Belington Railroad Company
Grafton & Upton Railroad Company
Graham County Railroad
Graham Island Railway Company
Grainbelt Corp
Grand Falls Central Railway
Grand Forks & Kettle River Railway Company
Grand Forks Railway Co
Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Company
Grand Rapids & North Western Railroad
Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad, Inc
Grand Rapids Railway
Grand Rapids Transfer & Junction Railroad Company
Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Michigan Railway
Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon Railway
Grand Rapids, Lansing & Detroit Railroad Company
Grand River Railway
Grand River Valley Railroad Company
Grand Trunk Corporation
Grand Trunk Junction Railway Company
Grand Trunk of Canada
Grand Trunk Pacific
Grand Trunk Railway Company
Grand Trunk Railway System
Grand Trunk Western Railroad Co
Granger Collieries Ltd
Granite City Railway Company
Granite Hill Railroad Company
Granite Mountain Quarries
Granite Railway
Grantsburg, Rush City & St Cloud Railroad Company
Grasse River Railroad
Grayling, Twin Lakes & Northeastern Railroad Company
Grays Run Railroad Company
Graysonia, Nashville & Ashdown Railroad
Grayville & Mattoon Railroad
Grazer Stadtwerke AG, Verkehrsbetriebe
Grazer Stadtwerke AG, Verkehrsbetriebe
Great Central
Great Eastern Railroad Company
Great Falls & Canada Railway Company
Great Falls & Old Dominion
Great Lakes Naval Station
Great Lakes Steel Corp
Great Miami & Scioto Railway Co
Great Miami & Western
Great Miami, Inc
Great North of Scotland Railway
Great Northern of Canada
Great Northern of France
Great Northern Railroad
Great Northern Railway Company
Great Plains Railway
Great Railway of Venezuela
Great River Railroad
Great Salt Lake & Hot Springs Railway Company
Great Slave Lake Railway
Great Smoky Mountains Railway
Great Southern Railway
Great Southwest Railroad, Inc
Great Swamp Railway
Great Walton Railroad Co, the
Great West Railway Company
Great Western
Great Western of Canada
Great Western Railway of Colorado, L.L.C.
Great Western Railway of Iowa, L.L.C.
Great Western Railway of Oregon, Inc
Great Western Sugar
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority
Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway
Greece - name unknown
Green Bay & Lake Pepin
Green Bay & Western Railroad Company
Green Bay & Western Railroad Company
Green Bay Route
Green Bay, Milwaukee & Chicago
Green Bay, Stevens Point & Northern Railroad Company
Green Bay, Winona & St Paul Railroad Company
Green Cove Springs & Melrose
Green Mountain Railroad Company
Green Mountain Railroad Corp
Green Pond, Walterboro & Branchville Railway Company
Green Ridge Railroad Company of Maryland
Green River & Northern Railroad Company
Green River Steel Company
Greenbrier & Eastern
Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk (?)
Greene Railroad Company
Greenfield & Northern Railroad Company
Greenlick Railway Company
Greensburg & Hempfield Electric Railway
Greenville & Columbia
Greenville & Miami
Greenville & North Lawrence Railroad Company
Greenville & Northern Railway Co, Inc
Greenville Steel Car Company
Greenwich & Johnsonville Railway Company
Greenwood Railroad Company
Greenwood, Anderson & Western Railway Company
Greenwood-Phoenix Tramway Company
Gribskov & Hillerod-Frederiksvaerk-Hundested
Grizzly Flats Railroad
Groton & Stonington Traction Company
Groton Stonington Street Railway
Groves Company
Gualala Railway Company
Guangshen Railway Company
Guangzhou Underground Railway (?)
Guaqui-La Paz Railway
Guaqui-La Paz Railway
Guayaquil & Quito Railway
Guayaquil and Quito Railway Company
Guelph Radial Railway (?)
Guignard Brick
Guilford Rail System
Guilford Transportation Industries, Inc
Gulf & Chicago Railroad Company
Gulf & Interstate Railway Company
Gulf & Manitoba Railway Company
Gulf & Manitoba Railway Company
Gulf & Mississippi Railroad Corp
Gulf & Ship Island Railroad Company
Gulf Coast Lines
Gulf Line Railway
Gulf Ports Terminal
Gulf Red Cedar Companys Railroad
Gulf, Colorado & San Saba Railway
Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Company
Gulf, Mobile & Northern
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
Gulf, Sabine & Red River Railroad Company
Gulf, Texas & Western
Gulf, Western Texas & Pacific Railway Company
Gulfport & Mississippi Coast Traction
Gunn & Black Railroad
Gunpowder Valley Railway Company
GWI Switching Services, L.P.
H & S Railroad Company, Inc
H-Bahn Gesellschaft Dortmund mbH
Habco Loram
Hackensack & Lodi
Hackensack & New York Railroad
Hacla & Torch Lake
Hagerstown & Frederick Railway
Halifax City Railroad
Hall & Manning
Hall Mines Ltd
Hallesche Verkehrs AG
Hallett Dock
Halmstad-Nassjo Railroad
Halton County Radial Railway
Hamburger Hochbahn Aktiengesellschaft
Hamersley Iron
Hamilton & Dudas street Railway
Hamilton & Kingston Railroad Company
Hamilton & Northwestern Railway
Hamilton Coal Companys Railroad
Hamilton Street Railway
Hamilton Street Railway
Hamilton, Grinsby & Beamville Electric Railway
Hammermill Paper Company
Hammond & Blue Line Railroad Company
Hammond & Little River Lumber Company
Hammond Lumber Company
Hampden Railroad
Hampshire & Worcester Street Railway Company
Hampton & Branchville Railroad Company
Hampton & Branchville Railroad Company, Inc
Hampton Railway, Inc
Hancock & Calumet Railroad Company
Hankow Railway
Hanna Nickel Smelting
Hannibal & St Joseph Railroad Company
Hannibal Connecting Railroad
Hannibal Union Depot Company
Hanover & Newport Railroad Company
Hanover & York Railroad Company
Harbor Belt Line Railroad
Hardin Southern Railroad, Inc
Hardwick & Woodbury Railway
Hardy Bay & Quatsino Sound Railway Company
Harlem & Manhattan Cable
Harlem River & Port Chester Railroad Company
Harlem River Railroad
Harlem Transfer Company
Harriman & Northeastern Railroad Company
Harriman Coal & Iron Railroad Company
Harrington Lumber Company
Harrisburg & Western
Harrisburg Railways
Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy & Lancaster Railroad Company
Harrison Branch Railroad Company
Harrison Hot Springs Tramway Company
Hart & Horning Company
Hartford & Connecticut Valley
Hartford & Connecticut Western Railroad Company
Hartford & New Haven
Hartford & Slocomb Railroad
Hartford & Springfield Street Railway Company
Hartford & Wethersfield Horse Railway
Hartford Eastern
Hartford Electric Light Company
Hartford, Manchester & Rockville Tramway
Hartwell Railroad Company
Harvard Branch
Harwood Branch Railroad Company
Haverhill & Amesbury Street Railway
Haverhill & Plaistow Street Railway
Haverhill, Georgetown & Danvers Street Railway
Haverhill, Merrimac & Amesbury Street Railway
Hawaiian Railroad Company
Hawkinsville & Florida Southern Railway Company
Hawkinsville & Western
Hawley Branch Railroad Company
Hawthorn Tramways Trust
Hayden Coal Company
Haydenville Branch Railroad
Hayts Corners, Ovid & Willard Railroad Company
Hazelhurst & Southeastern Railway Company
Hazelton & Beaver Meadows
Hazelton-Sugar Loaf
Hearne & Brazos Valley Railroad Company
Hecla & Torch Lake Railroad Company
Hedjaz Railway
Heinz 57
Helena & Jefferson County Railroad Company
Helena & Red Mountain Railroad Company
Helena Light & Railway
Helena Parkin & Northern Railway
Helena Southern
Helena Southwestern Railroad
Hellenic State Railways
Helsingin kaupungin liikennelaitos
Helsingor-Hornbaek-Gilleleje Banen
Henderson Bridge Company
Henderson Lumber Company
Hendersonville & Brevard Railway Company
Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority
Hercules Powder Company
Hereford Railway
Hermansville & Western Railway Company
Hershey Cuban Railway
Hershey Transit
Hetch Hetchy Railroad
Hibernia Mine Railroad Company
Hibernia Underground Railroad Company
Hibiscus &Heliconia
Hickgas Company
Hickory Valley Railroad Company
Higashi Nihon Ryokaku Tetsudo
High Bridge Railroad Company
High Point, Thomasville & Denton Railroad Co
High River & Hudson Bay Railway Company
Highland Park & Fruitvale Avenue railroad
Highland Park Electric Street Railway
Highland Railway
Highwood Western Railway Company
Hijaz Railway
Hill & West Dubuque Street Railway
Hill City Railway
Hillcrest Lumber Company
Hillcrest Osborne
Hillcrest Railway Coal & Coke Company
Hillcrest Wsr. (?)
Hillsboro & North Eastern Railway
Hillsboro Railroad Company
Hillsdale County Railway
Himmteberg-Harrison Lumber Company
Hines Lumber Company
Hinesville, Flemington & Western
Hinkley Locomotive Works
Hiroshima Dentetsu (Hiroden)
Hiroshima Dentetsu (Hiroden)
Hiroshima Electric Railway Company
Hobart Branch Railroad Company
Hobart Electric Tramway Company
Hobart Electric Tramway Company
Hobart Southern
Hobo Railroad (?)
Hoboken Inclined Railway
Hoboken Manufacturer's Railroad
Hoboken Shore Railroad
Hocken Valley Scenic Railway
Hocking Valley Railroad
Hodgenville & Elizabethtown Railway Company
Hoerner-Waldorf Paper Products
Hoffman & Troy Railroad Company
Hollental Railway
Hollidaysburg and Roaring Spring Railroad Company
Hollins, Heflin & Sylacauga Railroad Company
Hollis & Eastern Railroad Co
Holly River Companys Railroad
Holsten Valley Railway Company
Holten Interurban Railway Company
Holyoke & Westfield Railroad Company
Holyoke Street Railway
Homestake Mining Company
Honduras Rubber Company
Honey Creek Railroad, Inc
Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corp
Hongkong tramways, Ltd
Honolulu Rapid Transit Company
Hood River Railroad
Hooppole, Yorktown & Tampoco
Hoosac & Wilmington
Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington Railroad Company
Hoosac Valley Street Railway
Hoosier Southern Railroad
Hopatcong Railroad Company
Hope Lumber Companys Railroad
Hope Valley Railroad
Hope Valley Street railway
Hopkinsville & Southern
Hornellsville & Cohocton Valley
Horton Lumber & Timber Company
Horwith Railroad
Hot Springs & Goat River Tramway Company
Hot Springs Railroad
Houcks Missouri & Arkansas Railroad Company
Houghton & Ontonagon
Houghton, Chassell & Southwestern
Houlton Branch Railroad Company
Housatonic Railroad Company, Inc
House of David (?)
Houston & Brazos Valley
Houston & Shreveport Railroad Company
Houston & Texas
Houston & Texas Central Railroad
Houston Belt & Magnolia Park Railway Company
Houston Belt & Terminal Railway Company
Houston Central Arkansas & Northern
Houston East & West Texas Railway Company
Houston Electric Company
Houston North Shore
Houston Tap & Brazoria Railroad
Howard Terminal Railway
Howe Sound & Northern Railway Company
Howe Sound, Pemberton Valley & Northern Railwa Company
Howrah-Amta Light Railway
Huanachaca Mining Company
Hudson & Boston Corp
Hudson & Broad Top Mountain
Hudson & Manhattan Railroad
Hudson & Manhattan Subway
Hudson & Mohawk
Hudson Bay Pacific Railway Company
Hudson Bay Railroad
Hudson Bay railway
Hudson Coal Company
Hudson Connecting railroad Company
Hudson River & Boston
Hudson River Railroad & terminal
Hudson valley Electric railroad
Hudson Valley Railway
Hudson, Pelham & Salem Electric Railway
Hudson, Pelham & Salem Street Railway
Hueneme, Malibu & Port Los Angeles Railway
Hull Electric railway
Humboldt Bay & Trinidad
Humeston & Shenandoah Railroad Company
Hummelstown & Campbelltown Street Railway
Hungarian State Railways
Hungarian State Railways
Hungary (?)
Hungary Branch Railroad
Hunter Packing Company
Hunters Run & Slate Belt Railway Company
Huntington & Big Sandy Railroad Company
Huntington & Broad Top Mountain Railroad
Huntington & Broad Top Mountain Railroad & Coal Company
Huntington Railroad
Huntsville & Lake of Bays Railroad
Huntsville & Lake of Bays Railway
Huntsville & Madison County Railroad Authority, The
Huntsville Belt Line & Monte Sano Railroad Company
Huron and Eastern Railway Company, Inc
Huron Bay & Iron Range
Huron City Railway
Hutchinson & Northern Railway Company, The
Hutchinson & Southern Railroad Company
Hyatt Regency Monorail
Hydroelectric Power Commission
Iberia & Vermilion Railroad Company
Iberia, St Mary & Eastern
Ice Fulton Triangle
Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad
Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad Co
Idaho Southern
Ilektriki Sidirodromi Athinon-Pireos AE
Illinois & Indiana
Illinois & Midland Railroad Co
Illinois Central Corporation
Illinois Central Gulf
Illinois Central Railroad Company
Illinois Midland Railway
Illinois Northern Railroad
Illinois Northern Railway
Illinois River Packet Company
Illinois Slag & Ballast
Illinois Terminal Railroad Company
Illinois Traction Railway
Illinois Tunnel Company
Illinois Valley Traction
Illinois Western Railroad Company
Ilo-Moquequa Railway
Ilwaco Railway & Navigation Company
Imperial Chinese Railways
Imperial Irrigation District
Imperial Pacific Railway Company
Imperial Sugar
Independence & Monmouth Railway Company
Indian Hill & Iron Range Railroad
Indian Pacific
Indian Railways
Indian Springs & Flovilla Railroad Company
Indian Valley Railroad
Indiana & Lake Michigan Railway Company
Indiana & Michigan Electric
Indiana & Ohio Central Railroad, Inc
Indiana & Ohio Rail Corp, The
Indiana & Ohio Railroad, Inc, The
Indiana & Ohio Railway Company, The
Indiana Block Coal Railroad
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company
Indiana Hi-Rail Corp
Indiana Northeastern Railroad Company, Inc
Indiana Northern Railway Company
Indiana Railroad Company, The
Indiana Service Corp
Indiana Southern Railroad, Inc
Indiana, Columbus & Eastern Traction
Indiana, Decatur & Western Railway Company
Indiana, Illinois & Iowa Railroad Company
Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction Company
Indianapolis & Eastern
Indianapolis & Vincennes Railroad Company
Indianapolis Belt Railroad Company
Indianapolis Railways
Indianapolis Southern
Indianapolis Union Railway Company
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette Railroad
Indianapolis, Delphi & Chicago
Indianola Railroad
Indonesian State Railways
Ingalls Shipbuilding
Ingersoll Rand Powered Locomotives
Inland Empire System
Inland Lime & Stone
Inland Paper Company
Inland Steel Company
Inspiration Consolidation Copper Company (?)
Inter-City Rapid Transit
Inter-Mountain Railway
Inter-oceanic Railway of Honduras
Inter-Urban Railway
Interborough Rapid Transit Co.
Intercolonial Canada Railway
Intercolonial Railroad
Intercolonial Railway
Interlake Steel
Intermountain Railway
International & Great Northern Railroad Company
International Great Northern
International Milling
International Minerals & Chemical
International Railway
International Railway Company of Maine
International Railway of Central America
International Railways of Central America
Interstate Consolidated Street Railway
Interstate Public Service Company of Indiana
Interstate Railroad
Interstate Street Railway
Interurban Railway & Terminal
Invergarry & Fort Augustus Railway
Iola & Northern Railroad Company
Iola & St Joseph Canal & Railroad
Iowa Central & Western Railway
Iowa Central Railway Company
Iowa City & Western Railway Company
Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd
Iowa Northern Railway Company
Iowa Power & Light
Iowa Railroad Corp
Iowa Terminal Railroad Company
Iowa Terminal Railway
Iowa Traction Railroad Company
Iowa Transfer Railway Company
Iquique Street Railway
Iron Mountain Railway
Iron Ore Company of Canada
Iron Railway Company
Iron Range & Huron Bay Railroad Company
Iron Road Railways, Inc
Ironton Railroad Company
Island Creek Coal
Island Railroad Company
Island Terminal Company
Island Tug & Barge Limited
Island Valley Railway Company
Israel Railways
ISS Rail, Inc
Istanbul Elektrik Tramway ve Tunel
Istanbul Elektrik Tramway ve Tunel
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Isthmus Canal Commission
Italian State Railways
Itasca Railroad
Ithaca & Athens
Ithaca & Oswego
Ithaca Street Railway
Ithaca Traction Corp
Ithaca, Auburn & Western
Ithaca-Auburn Short Line
Ivorydale & Mill Creek Valley Railway Company
J. K. Line, Inc
J.L. Rumberger Lumber Companys Railroad
Jackass & Western
Jackson & Cincinnati Railway Company
Jackson County Grain
Jackson Railroad Company
Jackson, Lansing & Saginaw Railroad Company
Jacksonville & Atlantic Railway Company
Jacksonville & Havana
Jacksonville & Southwestern
Jacksonville Belt
Jacksonville Terminal Company
Jacksonville Traction Company
Jacksonville, Gainesville & Gulf
Jacksonville, Louisville & St Louis Railway Company
Jacksonville, Mayport & Pablo Railway & Navigation Company
Jacksonville, Pensacola & Mobile
Jacksonville, St Augustine & Halifax Railroad
Jacksonville, St Augustine & Indian River Railway Company
Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railway Company
Jacoby Creek Railroad Company
Jamaica Railway Corp
James River Company
James River Valley Railroad Company
Jamestown & Franklin Railroad Company
Jamestown & Lake Erie Railway Company
Jamestown & Northern Extension Railroad Company
Jamestown & Northern Railroad Company
Jamestown Street Railway
Jamestown, Chautauqua & Lake Erie
Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern Railroad
Jamesville & Washington Railroad Company
Japanese National Railways
Jaxport Terminal Railway Company
Jay Street Connecting Railroad
Jefferson & Lake Pontchartrain Railroad
Jefferson & Northwestern Railroad
Jefferson Railroad Company
Jefferson Southwestern Railroad
Jefferson Warrior Railroad Company, Inc
Jefferson, Madison & Indianapolis Railroad
Jellico, Bird Eye & Northern Railway Company
Jerome & Southwestern
Jersey Central
Jersey Central Traction
Jersey City
Jersey City & Albany
Jersey City & Bayonne Railroad Company
Jersey City & Bergen Railroad Company
Jersey City terminal
Jersey Shore & Antes Fort Railroad
Jerseyville & Eastern Railroad
Jim Walter Resources
Joe Cushing Resources
Johnson Lumber
Johnsonburg & Bradford Railroad Company
Johnsonburg Railroad Company
Johnstown & Somerset
Johnstown & Stony Creek Railroad
Johnstown Passnger Railway
Johnstown Terminal Railway Company
Johnstown Traction Company
Johnstown, Ebensburg & Northern
Johnstown, Gloversville & Kingsboro Horse Railroad Company
Joliet & Blue Island Railway Company
Joliet & Chicago Railroad Company
Joliet & Northern Indiana Railroad Company
Joliet Union Depot Company
Jones & Laughlin Steel
Jones Mountain Railroad Company
Joplin & Western Railway Company
Joplin Union Depot Company
Joppa & Eastern Railroad Company
Junction City & Fort Kearney Railway Company
Junction City & Fort Riley Railway
Junction City-Horton Wooden Railroad
Junction Railroad Company (of Philadelphia)
Jungfrau Railway
Juniata Terminal Company, The
Juniata Valley Railroad Company
Juniper Swamp Railroad Company
Jupiter & Lake Worth Railroad Company
Jura-Simplon Railway
K. W. T. Railway, Inc
Kaaterskill Railroad Company
Kahn's Sons' Refrigeration
Kahuku Plantation Company
Kahului Railroad
Kaighn's Point and Philadelphia Ferry Co.
Kaiser Bauxite
Kaiser Steel
Kalamazoo & South Haven Railroad Company
Kalamazoo & White Pigeon Railroad Company
Kalamazoo, Allegan & Grand Rapids Railroad Company
Kalamazoo, Lake Shore & Chicago
Kalmar Railroad
Kamloops & Atlin Railway Company
Kamloops & Yellowhead Pass Railway Company
Kanawha & Coal River Railway Company
Kanawha & Michigan Railway Company
Kanawha Central Railway
Kanawha, Glen Jean & Eastern
Kane & Elk
Kankakee & Seneca Railway Company
Kankakee & Southwestern Railroad Company
Kankakee & Ursana Traction Company
Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad Company
Kanona & Prattsburg Railroad Company
Kanopolis & Kansas Central Railway Company
Kansas & Arkansas Valley Railway Company
Kansas & Colorado Pacific Railway Company
Kansas & Missouri Railway & Terminal Company
Kansas & Nevada Railway & Terminal Company
Kansas & Oklahoma
Kansas & Sidell
Kansas Central Railroad Company
Kansas City & Atlantic Railroad Company
Kansas City & Beatrice Railway Company
Kansas City & Eastern
Kansas City & Independence Air Line Railroad Company
Kansas City & Memphis Ralway & Bridge Company
Kansas City & Omaha Railroad Company
Kansas City & Pacific Railway Company
Kansas City & Southern Railroad
Kansas City & Southwestern Railroad Company
Kansas City & Southwestern Railway (of Kansas)
Kansas City & Southwestern Railway (of Missouri)
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
Kansas City Belt Railway Company
Kansas City Connecting Railroad
Kansas City Elevated Railway
Kansas City Kaw Valley
Kansas City Kaw Valley & Western
Kansas City Northwestern Railroad Company
Kansas City Public Service Freight Operation
Kansas City Southern Railway Company, The
Kansas City Southern Transport Company
Kansas City Suburban Belt Railroad
Kansas City Terminal Railway Company
Kansas City, Arkansas & New Orleans Railroad Company
Kansas City, Clinton & Springfield Railway Company
Kansas City, Eldorado & Southern
Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad
Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis Railroad Company
Kansas City, Fort Smith & Gulf
Kansas City, Fort Smith & Southern Railway Company
Kansas City, Lawrence & Wichita Railroad Company
Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham Railroad Company
Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railroad
Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway
Kansas City, Nevada & Fort Smith Railroad Company
Kansas City, Osceola & Southern Railway Company
Kansas City, Pittsburgh & Gulf Railroad Company
Kansas City, Shreveport & Gulf Railway Company
Kansas City, Shreveport & Gulf Terminal
Kansas City, Springfield & Memphis
Kansas City, St Joseph & Council Bluffs Railroad Company
Kansas City, St Louis & Chicago Railroad Company
Kansas City, Watkins & Gulf Railway Company
Kansas City, Wyandotte & Northwestern
Kansas Eastern Railroad, Inc
Kansas Midland Railway Company
Kansas Pacific
Kansas Southwestern Railway Company
Kansas Southwestern Railway, L.L.C.
Kansas Utilities Company
Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf Railway
Kaslo & Lardo-Duncan Railway Company
Kaslo & Slocan
Kaslo & Slocan Railway Company
Kaslo & Slocan Tramway Company
Katy Northwest
Kaul Lumber Company
Kazakhstan Railways
Kearney & Black Hills Railway Company
Kearney & Sheridan Railroad Company
Keating & Smethport
Keeseville, Au Sable Chasm & Lake Champlain Railroad Company
Keeweenaw Central Railroad
Keihin Express Electric Railway
Keihin Kyuko Dentetsu
Keithsburg Bridge Company
Kelley's Creek & Northwestern Railroad
Kelley's Creek Railroad Company
Kelly's Island Lime & Transport Company
Kendall & Eldred Railroad Company
Kennebec Central Railroad Company
Kennebec Wharf & Coal
Kennebunk & Kennebunkport Railroad Company
Kennecott Copper Company
Kensington & Tacony Railroad Company
Kentucky & Indiana Bridge & Railroad Company
Kentucky & Indiana Bridge Company
Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad
Kentucky & Tennessee Railway
Kentucky Improvement Company
Kentucky Midland Railway Company
Kentucky Northern Railway Company
Kentucky Ordinance Works
Kentucky Tennessee Clay Company
Kentucky Traction & Terminal
Kentucky Union Railway
Kentucky Utilities Company
Kentucky West Tennessee
Kenya Railway
Keokuk & Des Moines Railway Company
Keokuk & Hamilton Bridge Company
Keokuk & Western Railroad Company
Keokuk Junction Railway Company
Keokuk Union Depot Company
Keretapi Tanah Melayu
Ketner, St Marys & Shawmut Railroad Company
Kettle Valley Railroad
Kettle Valley Railway Company
Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western Railroad Company
Key System of San Francisco
Key West Electric Company
Key West Street-Car Association
Keystone Railroad Company
Kharkov Metropolitena
Kiamichi Railroad Company, L.L.C.
Kiamichi Valley Railroad
Kickapoo Railroad Company
Kickapoo Valley & Northern Railway Company
Kiev Metropolitena
Kildare & Linden Railroad Company
Killin Railway
Killingworth Railway
Killkenny Lumber Company Railroad
Kinderhook & Hudson Railway
King's Dominion
Kingan Reliable Ham
Kingfield & Dead River Railroad Company
Kings Lake Shore Railroad
Kingston & Adelphi Railroad
Kingston Bridge & Terminal Company
Kingston Tramway ?
Kingston, Portsmouth & Cataraqui
Kinkora & New Lisbon
Kinmond Brothers
Kinston Lumber Company
Kinston-Carolina Railroad
Kinzua & Tiona
Kinzua Creek & Kane Railroad Company
Kinzua Hemlock Railroad Company
Kinzua Railway Company
Kinzua Valley Railroad Company
Kirby Lumber Company
Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad Company
Kiski Junction Railroad
Kiso Forest
Kitchener Waterloo Railway
Kitimat Railway Company
Kitty Hawk Central
Klamath Northern Railway
Klickitat Log & Lumber Company
Klondike Mines Railway
Knickerbocker Line
Knox & Kane Railroad CompanyMarienville, PA
Knox & Lincoln Railway Company
Knox Railroad
Knoxville & Ohio Railroad Company
Knoxville Power & Light
Knoxville Street Railway System
Knoxville, Cumberland Gap & Louisville Railroad Company
Knoxville, Cumberland Gap & Louisville Railway Company
Kodak Park Railroad
Koln-Bonn Railway
Koloa Plantation
Kootenay & Arrowhead Railway Company
Kootenay & Athabasca Railway Company
Kootenay & North West railway Company
Kootenay Central Railway Company
Kootenay Development & Tramways Company
Kootenay Lake Shore & Lardo Railway
Kootenay Power Company
Kootenay Railway & Navigation Company
Kootenay, Alberta & Athabasca Railway Company
Kootenay, Cariboo & Pacific Railway Company
Koppers Company
Kosciusko & Southeastern (?)
Kosmos Timber Company
Kowloon-Canton Railway
Kowloon-Canton Railway
Krey Packing
Kuert Concrete
Kumpe-Hauser Corp
Kyevskoye Tramvaino-Trolleibusnoe Upravlenie
Kyle Railroad Company
Kyle Railways, Inc
Kymulga & Coosa River Railroad Company
Kyushu Railway Company
Kyushu Ryokaku Tetsudo
L & N Shops
La Crosse & Milwaukee
La Crosse & Southeastern Railway
La Guaira & Caracas Railway
La Jolla Line
La Junta Industrial Park
La Plata & Merdiano Railway
La Quiaca-Tupiza Railway
La Sabana
La Salle & Bureau County Railroad
Lac La Belle & Calumet Railroad
Lachine Jacques Cartier & Maissonneuve
Lackawanna & Bloomsburg
Lackawanna & Montrose Railroad Company
Lackawanna & Pittsburg
Lackawanna & Southwestern
Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railway
Lackawanna County Railroad Authority, The
Lackawaxen & Stourbridge
Lackland Western Railroad Company
Laclede Steel Company
Lacombe & Blindman Valley
Lacombe & Blindman Valley Electric Railway Company
Lacombe & Brazeau Railway Company
Lacombe & North Western
Lacombe & North Western Railway Company
Lacombe, Bullocksville & Alix Electric Railway Company
Lacrosse & Milwaukee
Lacrosse & Southeastern
Lafayette & Monon Railway
Lafayette Railroad Company
Lafayette Railway Company
Lafayette Street Railway
Lafayette Union Railway Company
Lahaina, Kaanapali & Pacific
Lake Bennett Railway Company
Lake Champlain & Moriah Railroad Company
Lake Champlain & St Lawrence Junction
Lake Charles & Leesville Railroad Company
Lake County Railroad
Lake Erie & Detroit River
Lake Erie & Eastern Railroad
Lake Erie & Fort Wayne Railroad
Lake Erie & Northern Railway
Lake Erie & Pittsburgh Railroad
Lake Erie & Western Railroad Company
Lake Erie, Alliance & Southern Railway Company
Lake Erie, Bowling Green & Napoleon Railway
Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad
Lake Erie, Wooster & Muskingum Valley
Lake George & Muskegon River Railroad
Lake Hopatcong Railroad Company
Lake Huron & Northern Ontario
Lake Michigan & Northern Railroad Company
Lake Ontario Shore Railroad
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company
Lake Shore & Tuscarawas Valley
Lake Shore Electric Interurban
Lake Shore Electric Railway
Lake Shore Railroad Company
Lake State Railway Company
Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad Company
Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railway Company
Lake Superior & Mississippi
Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer Railway
Lake Tahoe Narrow Gauge Railroad Company
Lake Tahoe Railway & Transportation
Lake Terminal Railroad Company
Lake Valley Railroad Company
Lake Whatcom Railway
Lake Wimico St Joseph Canal & railroad Company
Lakefront Dock & railroad Terminal Company
Lakeside & Marblehead Railroad Company
Lamar, Queens & Northern
Lamoille Valley Railroad Co
Lamoille Valley Railway Corp
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
Lancaster & Chester Railway Company
Lancaster & Hamden Railway Company
Lancaster & Reading Narrow Gauge Railroad Company
Lancaster & Southern
Lancaster & York Furnace
Lancaster & York Furnace Street Railway
Lancaster Locomotive Works
Lancaster Street Railway
Lancaster Traction & power Company
Lancaster, Cecil & Southern Railroad Company
Lancaster, Ephrata & Lebanon Traction
Lancaster, Oxford & Southern Railroad Company
Landcaster Northern Railway
Landisville Railroad, Inc
Langhorne & Bristol Railroad Company
Lansing Transit Railway Company
Laona & Northern Railway
Laramie Hahn's Peak & Pacific
Laramie Plains Lines
Laramie, North Park & Pacific Railroad & Telegraph Company
Laramie, North Park & Western
Lardeau & Kootenay Railway Company
Lardeau Railway Company
Las Palmas Plantation Company
Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad
Las Vegas Railway & Power Company
Latrobe & Ligonier
Latvia - name unknown
Lauhoff Grain
Laurel & Tallahoma Western Railway
Laurel Fork & Sand Hill Railroad Company
Laurel Line
Laurel River & Hot Springs Railroad Company
Laurens Railway Company
Laurinburg & Southern Railroad
Lauterbrunnen-Muerren Railway
Lauterbrunnen-Murren Mountain Railway
Lawndale Railway & Industrial
Lawrence & Emporia Railway Company
Lawrence & Methuen Street Railway
Lawrenceburg & Mississippi
Lawrenceville & Evergreen
Lawrenceville Branch Railroad Company
Lawton Railway & Lighting
Le Roy & Caney Valley Air Line Railroad
Leavenworth & Olathe
Leavenworth & Topeka
Leavenworth Depot & railroad
Leavenworth Terminal Railway & Bridge Company
Leavenworth, Kansas & Western
Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston
Leavenworth, Topeka & Southwestern Railway Company
Leavenworth, Topeka & Western
Lebanon & Franklin
Lebanon Springs Railroad Company
Lebanon State Railways
Lebanon Valley Railway
Ledhills & Wanlockhead Light Railway
Lee County Central Electric Railway
Lee Tidewater Cypress Company
Leetonia & Cherry Valley
Lef & C Railroad Company
Lehigh & Hudson River Railway Company
Lehigh & Lackawanna Railroad Company
Lehigh & Mahanoy
Lehigh & New England Railroad Company
Lehigh & New England Railway
Lehigh & New York Railroad Company
Lehigh & Pavilion Railroad Company
Lehigh & Susquehanna Railroad Company
Lehigh Luzerne
Lehigh Navigation Coal Company
Lehigh Portland Cement Company
Lehigh Valley Railroad Company
Lehigh Valley Railway Company
Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway Company
Lehigh Valley Transit Company
Lenawee Central
Lenawee County Railroad
Lenora Mt Sickler Railway
Leona Heights Railroad
Leonards Store
Leopoldina Railroad
Leopoldina Railway
Lethbridge Radial Tramway
Levis & Kennebec Railway
Lewis & Clark Railway Company
Lewis & Craigmont
Lewis Run Railway
Lewisburg & Tyrone Railroad Company
Lewiston & Auburn Railway Company
Lewiston & Youngstown Frontier
Lewiston, Augusta & Waterville Street Railway
Lewiston-Clarkson Transit
Lexington & Boston Street Railway
Lexington & Danville Railroad
Lexington & Eastern Railway Company
Lexington & Frankfort Railroad
Lexington & Ohio Railroad Company, Inc
Lexington Terminal Railroad Company
Liberty City, Glennville & Manassas
Ligonier & Latrobe Rail Road
Ligonier Valley Railroad Company
Lihue Plantation Company, Ltd
Lille Metro
Lima & Defiance Railroad
Lima & Honeoye Falls Railroad Company
Lima Electric Railway
Lima Hamilton Corp
Lima Locomotive Works
Lima Northern Railway Company
Lima Stone Company
Lima Street Motor & Power Company
Lime Rock Railroad Company
Lincoln Park & Charlotte Railroad Company
Lincoln Stone Quarry
Lincoln Traction Company
Lindell Railway
Linville River Railway
Linwood Street Railway
Linwood Street Railway
Linz Local Rail
Lipsett Steel Company
Liquid Carbonic Dry Ice
Litchfield & Madison Railway
Litchfield, Carrollton & Western Railway Company
Little Book Cliff Railway Company
Little Emma Silver Mine
Little Falls & Dakota Railroad Company
Little Falls & Dolgeville Railroad Company
Little Falls & Southern Railroad Company
Little Kanawha River Rail, Inc
Little Miami Railroad Company
Little River & Arkansas Valley
Little River Railroad
Little Rock & Fort Smith Railway Company
Little Rock & Memphis Railroad Company
Little Rock & Texas Railway Company
Little Rock & Western Railway, L.P.
Little Rock Junction Railway Company
Little Rock Port Railroad
Little Rock, Hot Springs & Texas Railway Company
Little Rock, Pine Bluffs & New Orleans
Little Saw Mill Run Railroad Company
Little Schuylkill Navigation Railroad & Coal Company
Live Oak & Charlotte's Harbor Railroad Company
Live Oak & Gulf Railway Company
Live Oak & Perry
Live Oak & Rowland's Bluff
Live Oak, Perry & Gulf Railroad
Live Oak, Perry & Gulf Railway
Live Oak, Perry & South Georgia Railway Company
Live Oak, Tampa & Charlotte's Harbor
Live Oak, Tampa & Howland's Bluff
Live Poultry Transport Company
Liverpool & canoe Pass Railway Company
Liverpool & Manchester Railway
Livonia & Lake Conesus Railroad Company
Livonia & Lake Conesus Railroad Company
Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad
Lock City Electric Railway
Lockport & Buffalo Railway Company
Locks & canals Company
Lodi Branch Railroad Company
Lodi Railroad
Logansport, Crawfordsville & Southwestern
London & Birmingham
London & Brighton Railway
London & North Western Railway
London & Port Stanley Railway
London & South Eastern
London & South Western Railway
London Street Railway
London Transport
London Underground Group
London, Brighton & South Coast Railway
London, Chatham, & Dover Railway
London, Midland & Scottish Railway
London, North Eastern Railway
Londonderry & Coleraine Railway
Lone Star Steel Company
Long Beach Railroad Company
Long Bell Railroad
Long Branch & Sea Shore Railroad Company
Long Dock Company
Long Island City & Manhattan Beach Railway
Long Island Rail Road
Long Island Railroad Company
Long Island Railroad, North Shore Branch
Long Wharf
Longitudinal Railway
Longview Switching company
Longview, Portland & Northern railway
Longwood Valley Railroad Company
Lookout Incline Railway Company
Loop & Lookout
Lorain & Cleveland railway
Lorain & Elyria Railroad
Lorain & Western Virginia Railway
Lorain County Line
Lorain Street Railroad
Lorain Street Railway
Lorain, Ashland & Southern
Lorama Railroad
Lorberry Creek
Lorton & Occuquan
Los Angeles & Eagle Rock Valley
Los Angeles & Glendale
Los Angeles & Long Beach
Los Angeles & Pacific railroad
Los Angeles & Redondo Railway Company
Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad
Los Angeles & San Diego Beach Railway
Los Angeles & San Gabriel Valley
Los Angeles & San Pedro
Los Angeles County
Los Angeles Independent Railroad
Los Angeles Junction Railway
Los Angeles Pacific Railway Company
Los Angeles Railway
Los Angeles Terminal Railway Company
Los Angeles Transit Lines
Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
Los Angeles, Pasadena & Glendale
Lotschberg Railway
Lotschberg Tunnel
Louis Sands' Road (?)
Louisa Railroad
Louisburg Railroad Company
Louisiana & Arkansas Kansas City South
Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Company
Louisiana & Delta Railroad
Louisiana & Missouri River Railroad Company
Louisiana & North West Railroad
Louisiana & Pike County Railroad Company
Louisiana & Pine Bluff Railway
Louisiana & Texas
Louisiana Central Railroad Company
Louisiana Cypress Lumber Company
Louisiana Eastern Railroad
Louisiana Longleaf Lumber Company
Louisiana Midland Railroad
Louisiana Midland Railway
Louisiana Nickel Plate Railroad Company
Louisiana Railroad & Navigation Company
Louisiana Southern Railway
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Louisiana Western Railroad Company
Louisiana, New Albany & Chicago
Louisiana, New Orleans & Texas
Louisville & Atlantic Railroad
Louisville & Frankfort
Louisville & Interurban
Louisville & Jefferson Bridge Company
Louisville & Jefferson Bridge Company
Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company
Louisville & St Louis Railway Company
Louisville & Wadley Railroad Company
Louisville & Wadley Railway
Louisville Bridge Company
Louisville Railway
Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston Railroad
Louisville, Cincinnati & Lexington Railroad
Louisville, Evansville & St Louis Consolidated Railroad Company
Louisville, Henderson & St Louis Railway Company
Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway Company
Louisville, New Albany & Corydon Railroad Company
Louisville, New Albany & Salem
Louisville, New Albany & St Louis Airline
Louisville, St Louis & Texas Railway Company
Lowell & Andover Railroad Company
Lowell & Fitchburg Street Railway
Lowell & Hastings Railroad Company
Lowell & Pelham Street Railway
Lowell, Acton & Maynard Street Railway
Lowville & Beaver Railroad
Lowville & Beaver River Railroad
Loyalsock Railroad Company
LTS Rail
Luanda Railway
Lucerne-Stans-Engelberg Railway
Ludington & Northern Railway
Ludlow & Southern
Lukens Steel
Luscar Collieries Ltd
Lutherville & Colony Mountain Railroad Company
Luzon Military Railroad
Luzon Military Railway
Lykens Valley Railroad & Coal Company
Lynchburg & Danville
Lynchburg & Durham Railroad Company
Lynchburg Traction & Light Company
Lyngby-Naerum Jernbane
Lynn & Boston Railroad
Lynton & Barnstaple Railway
Lyon-Iowa Central
Lyons and St Etienne Railway
Lystul-Lawson Lumber Company
Ma Brown
Mack Truck Company
Macleod, Cardston & Montana Railway Company
Macmillan Bloedel Limited
Macmillan Bloedel Lumber Company
Macomb & Western Illinois
Macomb Industry & Littleton
Macon & Birmingham Railroad Company
Macon & Birmingham Railway Company
Macon & Brunswick Railroad
Macon & Dublin
Macon & Northern Railway Company
Macon & Western Railroad
Macon, Dublin & Savannah Railroad Company
Macopin Railroad Company
Mad River & Humboldt Railroad Company
Mad River & Lake Erie
Madeira-Mamore Railway
Madeira-Mamore Railway
Madera Sugar Pine Company
Madison & Indianapolis
Madison Railways
Madison, Alton & Chicago Railway Company
Madison, Illinois & St Louis Railway Company
Magma Arizona Railroad
Magrath Railway Company
Mahandy & Shamokin
Maharg Electric Railway Company
Mahoning Coal Railroad Company
Mahoning State Line Railroad Company
Mahoning Valley Railroad Company
Mahopac Falls Railroad Company
Maid of the Mist Incline
Maine Central Railroad Company
Maine Potato
Mainstee & Northeastern Railway
Malawi Railways (?)
Malayan Railway
Malden & Melrose
Malone & St Lawrence Railway Company
Mammoth Cave Railroad
Manahawken & Long Beach Traction Company
Manahawken & Long Beach Transit
Manahawkin & Long Beach Transportation Company
Manahawking & Long Beach Railroad
Manassas Gap railroad
Manatee Crate Company
Manatee Light & Traction Company
Mancelona & Northwestern Railroad Company
Manchester & Augusta Railroad Company
Manchester & Keene Railroad Company
Manchester & Lawrence Railroad Company
Manchester & Liverpool Railway
Manchester & North Weare Railroad Company
Manchester & Oneida Railway
Manchester Locomotive Works
Manchester Street Railway
Manchester, Dorset & Granville
Mandeville Northern
Manhattan & Queens Traction Company
Manhattan City & Interurban Railway
Manhattan Electric
Manhattan Elevated Company
Manhattan Railway Co.
Manhattan, Alma & Burlingame Railway Company
Manila Railway
Manistee & Grand Rapids Railroad Company
Manistee & Luther Railroad Company
Manistee & Northeastern Railroad Company
Manistique & Lake Superior Railroad
Manistique Railway Company
Manitoba & Saskatchewan Mine
Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway Company
Manitowoc, Green Bay & Western
Mann's Creek Railroad
Mansfield Railway & Transportation Company
Mansfield Transit System
Mansfield, Coldwater & Lake Michigan
Manufacturer's Junction Railway
Manufacturer's Railway of St Louis
Manufacturers Extension Railroad Company
Manufacturers Railroad Company
Manufacturers Railway Company
Mapleton & Rocky Ridge Railway Company
MARC Train Service
Marcellus & Otisco Lake
Marengo, Milwaukee & Northern
Marginal Railroad Company
Marianna & Blountstown Railroad
Maricopa & Phoenix & Salt River Valley Railroad Company
Maricopa & Phoenix Railroad Company
Marietta & Cincinnatti Railroad
Marietta & North Georgia Railway Company
Marietta, Columbus & Cleveland
Marietta, Hocking & Northern Railway Company
Marietta, Williamstown & Parkersburg
Marine Railway Company
Marinette, Tomahawk & Western Railroad
Marinette, Tomahawk & Western Railway Company
Marion & Eastern
Marion Power Shovel Company
Marion Railway
Marion River Carry Railroad
Maritime Railway
Market Street Railway
Market Street Subway
Marquette & Huron Mountain Railroad
Marquette & Ontonagon
Marquette & Southeastern
Marquette & Western
Marquette Cement
Marshall, Timpson & Sabine Railroad Company
Marshfield & Southeastern Railway Company
Marthas Vineyard Railroad Company
Marthas Vineyard Street Railway
Martins Creek Railway of New Jersey
Martins Creek Railway of Pennsylvania
Martinsburg Street Railway Company
Mary Lee Coal & Railway Company
Maryland & Delaware
Maryland & Delaware Coast Railway
Maryland & Delaware Seacoast
Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
Maryland Central
Maryland Commuter Rail Service
Maryland Department of Transportation
Maryland MARC
Maryland Mass Transit Administration
Maryland Mass Transit Administration
Maryland Midland
Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Railway
Marysville & Big Sandy
Mascot & Western
Mason & Oceana Railroad Company
Mason City & Clear Lakes Railroad
Mason City & Fort Dodge Railroad Company
Masonite Corp
Mass Transit Railway Corp
Massachusetts Bay Terminal Authority
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Massachusetts Central
Massachusetts Northeastern Street Railway
Massachusetts Northeastern Street Railway
Massachusetts Northeastern Street Railway
Massachusetts Street Railway
Massena Terminal Railroad
Massillon & Cleveland Railroad Company
Massillon Railroad Company
Material Service Corp
Mathieson Alkali Works
Mattagami Railroad
Mattoon Railway Company
Mauch Chunk & Leighton
Mauch Chunk Switch-back Railroad
Maxton, Alma & Southbound Railroad
Mays Landing & Egg Harbor City Railroad Company
Maysville & Lexington
McCloud River Lumber Company
McCloud River Railroad
McKean & Buffalo Railroad Company
McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad
McKeesport Connecting Railroad Company
McNary-Maverick Railroad
Mead Run
Meadow Creek Coal Company
Meadow Creek Railway Company
Meadow River Lumber Railroad
Meadville Traction Company
Meadville, Conneaut Lake & Linesville Railroad Company
Medfield & Medway Street Railway
Medford & Crate Lake Railroad
Medford Coast Railway
Medicine Hat & Northern Alberta Railway Company
Medicine Hat Central Railway Company
Medicine Hat Electric Railway Company
Medicine Hat Railway & Coal Company
Medicine Hat Southern Railway Company
Medicine Lake Collieries Ltd
Medina & Darien
Medix Run Coal Company
Medix Run Railroad Company
Meigs Railroad
Meiringen-Innertkirchen Railways
Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
Melbourne Tramway & Omnibus Company
Melbourne Tramways Trust
Melbourne, Brunswick, & Coburg Tramways Trust
Memphis & Binghamton Belt Railway Company
Memphis & Charleston Railroad Company
Memphis & Charleston Railway
Memphis & Little Rock Railroad
Memphis & Ohio Railroad
Memphis Union Station Company
Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad
Memphis, Dallas & Gulf
Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad
Memphis, Paris & Gulf
Mendham & Morristown Extension Railway Company
Menzies Bay Railway Company
Merchants Biscuits
Merchants Despatch
Merchants Despatch Transportation Company
Meridan & Bigbee Railroad
Meridan & Cromwell Railroad
Meridan & Waterbury Railroad
Meriden, Waterbury & Connecticut River Railroad Company
Merrimac & Connecticut Rivers Railroad
Mesabe Southern
Metal Processing Inc
Metro Dade Transportation Administration
Metro do Porto
Metro Rail Bhavan
Metropolitan Area Express of Portland
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Metropolitan Coach Company
Metropolitan Elevated Railroad
Metropolitan Radial Line
Metropolitan Railroad
Metropolitan Railroad ?
Metropolitan Southern Railroad Company
Metropolitan Street Railway
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Metrorex RA Bucuresti
Mexican Central
Mexican Eastern
Mexican Gulf Railroad
Mexican National Railway
Mexican Pacific
Mexican Railway Company
Mexican Short Line & Industrial Railroad
Mexico City Streetcars
Mexico City Tramways (?)
Miami Beach Railway
Michigan Air Line Railroad Company
Michigan Air Line Railway Company
Michigan Alkali
Michigan Central Railroad Company
Michigan Electric
Michigan Lake Shore
Michigan Limestone Operations
Michigan Midland & Canada Railroad Company
Michigan Northern
Michigan Railroad
Michigan Southern
Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad
Michigan Suburban Traction Company
Michigan-California Lumber Company
Mid South Rail
Mid-Provincial & Nechaco Railway Company
Middle & East Tennessee Central Railway Company
Middle Fork Railroad
Middle Georgia & Atlantic Railway Company
Middle Tennessee & Alabama Railway Company
Middle Tennessee Railroad
Middleburg & Schoharie Railroad Company
Middlesborough Belt Railroad Company
Middlesborough Railroad Company
Middlesex & Boston Street Railway
Middlesex Valley Railroad Company
Middleton Railway
Middletown & Cincinnati Railroad Company
Middletown & Crawford Railroad Company
Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad Company
Middletown & New Jersey Railway
Middletown & Unionville Railroad
Middletown, Meridan & Watebury Railroad
Middletown, Unionville & Water Gap Railroad Company
Midi Railway
Midland & Northern Railway Company
Midland Continental Railroad
Midland Electric Coal Company
Midland of Indiana
Midland of Nova Scotia
Midland Railroad
Midland Railroad of New Jersey
Midland Railway of Manitoba
Midland Terminal Railway Company
Midland Uruguay Railway
Midland Valley Railway
Midville, Swainsboro & Red Bluff Railroad Company
Midway & Vernon Railway Company
Midway Railroad Company
Midwest Central Railroad
Mifflin & Centre County Railroad Company
Milford & Uxbridge Street Railway
Milford & Woonsocket Railroad Company
Milford, Attleborough & Woonsocket Street Railway
Milford, Franklin & Providence Railroad Company
Milford, Matamoras & New York
Mill Creek & Hudson River Railroad Company
Mill Creek & Mine Hill Navigation & Railroad Company
Mill Creek Flume & Manufacturing Company
Mill Creek Valley Lines
Mill Spring Current River & Bainesville
Mill Valley & Mt Tamalpais
Millen & Southern Railway Company
Millen & Southwestern Railroad
Miller Mill Company, Inc
Millersburg, Ashland & Greenwich Railroad Company
Millstone & New Brunswick Railroad Company
Milstead Railroad
Milton & Sutherlin Railroad Company
Milwaukee & Lake Winnebago Railroad Company
Milwaukee & Mississippi
Milwaukee & Northern
Milwaukee & St Paul
Milwaukee & Superior Railway Company
Milwaukee Electric Lines System
Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light
Milwaukee Electric Railway and Transportation Company
Milwaukee Rapid Transit
Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speedrail Company
Milwaukee Speedrail (?)
Milwaukee Street Railways
Milwaukee, Bay View & Chicago Railroad Company
Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western
Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific
Minarets & Western Railway
Minden Railroad Company
Mine Hill & Schuylkill Haven Railroad Company
Mine Hill Railroad
Mineral Railway of Chihuahua
Mineral Range Railroad Company
Mineral Rock Tramway
Minerales Nacional de Mexico
Mingo Valley Railroad
Minneapolis & Pacific
Minneapolis & Rainy River Railroad
Minneapolis & St Cloud
Minneapolis & St Croix
Minneapolis & St Louis Railroad Company
Minneapolis & St Paul
Minneapolis Eastern Railway Company
Minneapolis Industrial Railway
Minneapolis Union Railway Company
Minneapolis, Anoka & Cuyuna Range Railroad
Minneapolis, Lyndale & Minnesota
Minneapolis, New Ulm & Southwestern Railroad Company
Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Railway
Minneapolis, Red Lake & Manitoba
Minneapolis, St Marie & Atlantic
Minneapolis, St Paul & Ashland Railway
Minneapolis, St Paul & Atlantic
Minneapolis, St Paul & Saulte St Marie Railway Company
Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester & Dubuque
Minnesota & International Railway
Minnesota & North Wisconsin
Minnesota & Northwestern Railroad
Minnesota & Pacific
Minnesota & Southeastern Railway Company
Minnesota & Wisconsin Railway Company
Minnesota Belt Line Railway & Transfer Company
Minnesota Central Railroad
Minnesota Central Railway
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing
Minnesota Transfer Railway
Minnesota Valley Railroad
Minnesota Western Railroad
Minnesota Western Railway
Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway
Miskegon Traction & Lighting Company (?)
Missisquoi & Clyde Rivers
Missisquoi Valley Railroad Company
Mississippi & La Fourache Railway
Mississippi & Little Rock Railway Company
Mississippi & Missouri
Mississippi & Skuna Valley Railroad
Mississippi & Tennessee Railroad
Mississippi Central & Tennessee Railroad
Mississippi Central Railroad
Mississippi Export Railroad
Mississippi Railroad Museum
Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Railway Company
Mississippi River & Northwestern Railway Company
Mississippi River Bridge Company
Mississippi Valley Public Service Company
Mississippi Valley Terminal Company
Mississippi, Gainesville & Tuscaloosa Railroad
Mississippi, Ouachita & Red River
Mississippian Railway
Missoula Belt Line
Missouri & Arkansas Railroad
Missouri & Arkansas Railway Company
Missouri & Illinois Bridge & Belt Railway
Missouri & North Arkansas
Missouri Pacific Railway Company
Missouri Portland Cement
Missouri River & Northwestern Railway
Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf
Missouri Southeastern Railway Company
Missouri Southern Railroad Company
Missouri Valley Railroad
Missouri, Kansas & Eastern Railway Company
Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company
Missouri-Illinois Railroad
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company
Missouri-Pacific Railroad
MKT of Texas
Mobile & Birmingham Railroad Company
Mobile & Birmingham Railway Company
Mobile & Girard Railroad Company
Mobile & Great Northern Railroad
Mobile & Gulf Railroad
Mobile & Montgomery Railway Company
Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company
Mobile & Spring Hill Railroad Company
Mobile Chemical
Mobile Gas
Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City
Moctezuma Brewery
Modeltronics (?)
Modera Sugar Pine Company
Modesto & Empire Traction Company
Moffat Road
Mohassuck Valley Railroad Company
Mohawk & Hudson Railroad
Mohawk & Hudson River
Mohawk & Malone Railway Company
Mohawk Valley
Moira & Bombay
Mojave Northern
Moline Timber Company
Mombasa Railway
Monadnock Northern
Moncton Tramways Electricity & Gas Company
Monmouth County Electric
Monmouth Park Railroad Company
Mono Lake Railway & Lumber Company
Monocacy Valley Railroad Company
Monolith Portland Cement
Monon (?)
Monongahela Connecting Railroad Company
Monongahela Railroad
Monongahela Railway
Monongahela River Railroad Company
Monongahela West Penn
Monroe & Southwestern
Monroe Railroad Company
Monson Railroad Company
Mont Alto Railroad Company
Montague Steel Company
Montana Central Railway Company
Montana Rail Link
Montana Railway Company
Montana Southern
Montana Union Railway Company
Montana Western Railway
Montana, Wyoming & Southern
Montauk Extension Railroad Company
Montclair & Greenwood Lake
Montclair Railway of New Jersey
Monterey & Mexican Gulf
Monterey & Pacific Grove Railway
Monterey & Salinas Valley
Montezuma Lumber Company
Montfort & Gatineau Railway Company
Montfort Colonization Railway Company
Montgomery & Erie Railway Company
Montgomery & Eufaula Railway Company
Montgomery & West Point Railroad
Montgomery & Western Railroad Company
Montgomery Railroad
Montgomery Terminal Railway Company
Monticello & Port Jervis
Montour Land Company
Montour Railroad Company
Montpelier & Barre Railroad
Montpelier & Wells River Railroad Company
Montpelier & White River Railroad Company
Montreal & Atlanta
Montreal & Atlantic Railway Company
Montreal & Champlain
Montreal & Lachine
Montreal & Plattsburg
Montreal & Sorel
Montreal & Southern Counties Railway
Montreal City Passenger railway Company
Montreal Harbor Commission
Montreal Ice Railway
Montreal Tramways Corp
Montreal Transit
Montreal Transportation Commission
Montreal, Portland & Boston
Montreux-Oberland-Bernois Railway
Montrose Railway Company
Moore County Railroad Company
Moosehead Lake Railroad
Moosic Mountain & Carbondale Railroad Company
Morehead & Morgan Fork Railroad
Morehead & North Fork Railroad
Morgan's Louisiana & Texas Railroad & Steamship Company
Moroccan Railways
Morris & Essex Extension Railroad Company
Morris & Essex Railroad Company
Morris Branch
Morris County Central
Morris County Connecting Railway
Morris County Railroad Company
Morris County Traction Company
Morrison-Knudsen (?)
Morrissey, Fernie & Michel
Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Railway Company
Morristown & Cumberland Gap Railroad Company
Morristown & Erie Railroad
Morse & Ory
Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad
Moshassuck Valley Railroad Company
Mosher & McDonald Logging Railroad
Moss Point & Pascagoula Railroad Company
Motley County Railroad
Mound City Railway Company
Mount Airy & Eastern
Mount Beacon Incline Railway
Mount Carbon & Port Carbon Railroad Company
Mount Carbon Railway
Mount Carmel & Natalie Railroad Company
Mount Gilead Short Line Railway Company
Mount Gretna Narrow Gauge
Mount Holly, Lumberton & Medford Railroad Company
Mount Hood Railroad
Mount Hood Railway
Mount Hope Mineral Railroad Company
Mount Jewett & Smethport Railroad Company
Mount Jewett, Clermont & Northern
Mount Jewett, Kinzua & Riterville Railroad Company
Mount Lowe
Mount McGregor Railroad Company
Mount McGregor Railway
Mount McKay & Kakebeka Falls Railway
Mount Penn Gravity Railroad Company
Mount Pilatus Railway Company
Mount Pleasant & Broad Ford Railroad Company
Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad
Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods
Mount Tom Incline Railway
Mount Tom Street Railway
Mount Uncoonunich
Mount Vernon Electric Railway
Mount Washington Cog
Mount Washington Railway Company
Mountain Central
Mountain Ice Company
Mountain Park Coal Company
Mountain Tramway & Electric Company
Mout Tolmie Park & Cordova Bay Railway Company
Mower Lumber Company
Mozambican Railway
Mud Bay Logging Company
Mumbai Rail Development Corp
Muncie & Western Railroad
Muncie Street Railway
Muncy Creek Railroad
Municipal Docks
Municipal Railway (?)
Municipal Railway of San Francisco
Munising Railway Company
Munising. Marquette & Southeastern Railway
Munsie Street Railway (?)
Murfreesboro Railroad Company
Muscatine & Tipton
Muscogee Railroad
Muskegon, Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Company
Muskingum County Railway
Muskingum Electric Railroad
Muskogee Electric Traction
Muskogee Union
Musquito & Coal Creek Railroad Company
Mystic Terminal Company
Naas & Skeena Rivers Railway Company
Nacionales de Mexico
Nahant & Lynn Street Railway
Nahma & Northern
Nakusp & Slocan Railway Company
Nanaimo Electric Tramway Company
Nanaimo-Alberni Railway Company
Nansemond Land Lumber & Narrow Gage Railway
Nantasket Beach Railroad Company
Nantlle Railway
Nantucket Central Railroad Company
Nantucket Railroad
Napa Valley Railroad
Napierville Junction Railway
Naporano Iron & Metal
Narragansett Pier Railroad Company
Nashua & Lowell Railroad Company
Nashua, Acton & Boston Railroad Company
Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad
Nashville & Clarksville Railroad
Nashville & Decatur Railroad Company
Nashville & Knoxville Railroad Company
Nashville & Sparks Railroad
Nashville Interurban Railway
Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louis Railway Company
Nashville, Florence & Sheffield Railway Company
Nashville, Tellico & Charleston Railway Company
Nashville-Franklin Railway
Nassau Electric railroad Company
Natchez & Hamburg Railroad
Natchez & Southern Railway
Natchez, Red River & Texas Railroad Company
Natchez, Urania & Ruston Railway
Natchitoches & Red River Valley Railway Company
National Aluminate Company
National Authority for Tunnels
National City & Otay Railway Company
National Docks Railway Company
National Harbours Board
National Iron Works
National Locomotive
National of Tehuantepec
National Plate glass Company
National Rail
National Railroad of Nicaragua
National Railroad Passenger Corp
National Railways of Mexico
National railways of Zimbabwe
National Transcontinental;
Nationales des Chemins de Fer Francais
Naugatuck Railroad Company
Navajo Mine Railroad
Naval Ordinance Depot
Navarro Railroad Company
Navesink Railroad Company
Nebraska & Lake Superior Railroad
Nebraska Southern Railway Company
Nekoosa Paper Company
Nelson & Albemarle Railway
Nelson & Arrow Lakes Railway Company
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Company
Nelson BC Street Railways
Nelson Electric Tramway
Nescopec Railroad Company
Nesquehoning Valley Railroad Company
Nesson Lumber Company
Netherlands Railways
Nevada & California Railroad
Nevada & Minden Railway Company
Nevada Central Railroad Company
Nevada City Narrow Gauge
Nevada Copper Belt
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Nevada County Traction
Nevada Interurban Railroad
Nevada Northern Railway Company
Nevada Southern Railway Company
Nevada Transit Company
Nevada-California-Oregon Railway Company
Neversink Mountain Railroad
New Albany & Corydon
New Albany & Louisville Electric
New Albany & Salem
New Albany Belt & Terminal Railroad
New Bedford & Onset Street Railway
New Bedford & Onset Street Railway
New Bedford & Taunton Railroad
New Berlin & Winfield
New Boston Railroad Company
New Brunswick & Canda
New Brunswick Power Company
New Canaan
New Castle & Beaver Valley Railroad Company
New Castle & Butler Railroad Company
New Castle & Frenchtown
New Castle & Shenango Valley Railroad Company
New Castle Street Railway
New Cornelia Branch
New Cornelia Copper Company
New England Central Railroad
New England Railroad Company
New England, Lackawanna & Pittsburgh
New Georgia Railroad
New Hampshire Central Railroad
New Hanover Transit Companys Railroad
New Haven & Derby Railroad Company
New Haven & Dunbar Railroad Company
New Haven & Hartford
New Haven & Northampton Railroad
New Haven & Shore Line Railway
New Haven & Short Line
New Haven & West Haven Railroad
New Haven Railroad
New Haven Shore Line Railway
New Haven, Middletown & Willimantic
New Hope & Ivyland Railroad
New Iberia & Northern
New Jersey & New York Extension Railroad Company
New Jersey & New York Railroad Company
New Jersey & Pennsylvania
New Jersey Central
New Jersey Department of Transportation
New Jersey Interurban Company
New Jersey Junction Railroad Company
New Jersey Midland Railway
New Jersey Railroad & Transportation
New Jersey Rapid Transit
New Jersey Shore Line Railway Company
New Jersey Southern Railroad Company
New Jersey Southern Railroad Company
New Jersey Transit
New Jersey Transit Rail Operations
New Jersey Zinc
New Jersey, Indiana & Illinois Railroad
New London Northern Railroad Company
New London Street Railway
New London, Willimantic & Palmer Railroad
New London, Willimantic & Springfield
New Mexico & Arizona Railroad
New Mexico & Colorado
New Mexico & Southern Pacific
New Mexico Central Railroad
New Mexico Central Railway
New Mexico Lumber Company
New Mexico Midland
New Orange Four Junction Railroad
New Orleans & Carrollton Railroad
New Orleans & Lower Coast Railroad
New Orleans & Northeastern Railroad
New Orleans & Northwestern Railway
New Orleans & Southern Railway
New Orleans & Western Railroad
New Orleans City & Lake Railroad
New Orleans City Railroad
New Orleans Pacific Railway
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
New Orleans Public Service
New Orleans Railway
New Orleans Railway & Light Company
New Orleans Terminal Company
New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal
New Orleans, Fort Jackson & Grand Isle Railroad
New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Railroad
New Orleans, Mobile & Texas
New Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western Railroad
New Orleans, Texas & Mexico
New South Wales Government Railways
New South Wales Public Transport Authority
New South Wales State Railway Authority
New Westminster & Port Moody Railway Company
New Westminster & Vancouver Short Line Railway Company
New Westminster Southern Railway Company
New York & Atlantic Highland Railroad Company
New York & Boston Railroad
New York & Brooklyn Bridge
New York & Canada Railroad Company
New York & Coney Island Railroad Company
New York & Erie
New York & Fort Lee Railroad Company
New York & Georgia Lumber & Railway Company
New York & Greenwood Lake Railway Company
New York & Harlem Railroad Company
New York & Lake Erie
New York & Long Beach Railroad Company
New York & Long Branch Railroad Company
New York & Mahopac Railroad Company
New York & Manhattan Beach Railway
New York & Massachusetts Railway
New York & New England Railroad Company
New York & North Pennsylvania Railroad Company
New York & Northern
New York & Oswego Midland Railroad
New York & Ottawa
New York & Pennsylvania Railroad Company
New York & Putnam Railroad Company
New York & Queens County Railway
New York & Rockaway Beach Railway Company
New York & Rockaway Railroad Company
New York & Sea Beach Railway Company
New York Bay Railroad Company
New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company
New York Central & Northern
New York Central & Western
New York Central Niagara River Railroad Company
New York Central Railroad
New York Central, Hudson River & Fort Orange Railroad Company
New York City & Northern
New York City Elevated Railroad
New York City Subway-Elevated Lines (?)
New York City Third Avenue Elevated
New York City Trans. Authority
New York City Transit
New York City Transit Authority
New York Connecting Railroad
New York Dock Railway
New York Elevated Lines (?)
New York Heat, Light & Power Company
New York Metropolitan Transit authority
New York Ninth Avenue Railway
New York Port Authority
New York Railways
New York State Railways (?)
New York, Auburn & Lansing Railroad
New York, Bay Ridge & Jamaica
New York, Boston & Northern
New York, Brooklyn & Jamaica
New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan Beach Railway Company
New York, Chicago & St Louis Railroad Company
New York, Lackawanna & Western Railway Company
New York, Lake Erie & Western Coal & Railroad Company
New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad Company
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company
New York, Ontario & Western Railway Company
New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad
New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Detroit
New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Company
New York, Pittsburgh & Chicago Railroad
New York, Providence & Boston Railroad
New York, Rutland & Montreal
New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad Company
New York, Texas & Mexican Railway Company
New York, West Shore & Buffalo
New York, Westchester & Boston Railway
New York, Westchester & Putnam
New York, Woodhaven & Rockaway Railroad
New Zealand Government Railways
New Zealand Rail Ltd
Newark & Bloomfield Railroad Company
Newark & Hudson Railroad Company
Newark & Irvington Railroad
Newark & Marion Railroad
Newark & New York Railroad Company
Newark Subway
Newark, Somerset & Straitsville Railroad Company
Newaukum Valley
Newburgh & South Shore railway
Newburgh, Dutchess & Connecticut Railroad Company
Newburyport Railroad Company
Newcourt Rail
Newfoundland Light & Power Company
Newfoundland Railroad
Newfoundland Railway
Newport & Cincinnati Bridge Company
Newport & Providence
Newport & Richford Railroad Company
Newport & Shermans Valley Railroad Company
Newport & Wickford Railroad Company
Newport News & Hampton Railway
Newport News Railway & Light
Newry Connecting Railway
Newton & Boston Street Railway
Newton & Northwestern
Newtonville & Watertown Street Railway
Nezperce & Idaho Railroad Company
Nezperce Railroad
Niagara Central
Niagara Escarpment Inclined Plane
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Branch Railroad Company
Niagara Falls, Wesley Park & Clifton
Niagara Frontier Transit Metro System
Niagara Frontier Transit Metro System, Inc
Niagara Gorge Railroad (?)
Niagara Junction Railway Company
Niagara Portage Incline Plane
Niagara, St Catherines & Toronto Navigation
Niagara, St Catherines & Toronto Railway
Nicholas, Fayette & Greenbriar
Nicholson Terminal & Dock
Nickel Plate
Nicola Valley Railway Company
Nicola, Kamloops & Simikameen Coal & Railway Company
Niles Canyon Railway
Nipissing Central
Nishi Nihon Ryokaku Tetsudo
Nishi Nippon Railway
Nishi Nippon Railway
Nitrate Railways
Nittany Valley Railroad Company
Noland Land & Transfer Company
Nor-Oeste de Mexico
Noranda Mines
Nord Milano Railway
Norflok Belt Line
Norfolk & Atlantic Terminal
Norfolk & Bristol Street Railway
Norfolk & Bristol Street Railway
Norfolk & Carolina Railroad Company
Norfolk & Carolina Railroad Company
Norfolk & Ocean View Railroad & Hotel Company
Norfolk & Petersburg Railroad
Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad
Norfolk & Portsmouth Traction Company
Norfolk & Southern Railroad Company
Norfolk & Virginia Beach
Norfolk & Western Railroad Company
Norfolk & Western Railway Company
Norfolk City Railroad
Norfolk City Railway
Norfolk County Railroad
Norfolk Railway & Light Company
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Norfolk Southern Railroad
Norfolk Southern Railway
Norfolk Terminal Railway
Norfolk, Albemarle & Atlantic Railroad Company
Norfolk, Franklin & Danville Railroad
Norfolk, Franklin & Danville Railway
Norfolk, Virginia Beach & Southern Railroad Company
Norfolk, Willoughby Spit & Old Point Railroad
Norit Americas, Inc
Norristown Junction Railroad Company
North & South Railroad
North & South Railroad Company of Georgia
North & South Railroad of Wyoming
North & West Branch Railway Company
North Alabama Railroad Museum, Inc
North American Car Corp
North American Chemical
North American Coal
North American Despatch
North American Dispatch
North Beach Lines
North Bend & Kettle Creek Railroad Company
North Branch Canal Company
North Branch Transit
North British Railway
North Brookfield Railroad Company
North Carolina Railroad Company
North Carolina State Ports Authority
North Central Texas
North Charleston Terminal Company
North Coast Lines
North County Railroad Corp
North Dakota Railway
North Jersey
North Jersey Electric Lines
North Jersey Rapid Transit
North Louisiana & Gulf Railroad
North Melbourne Electric Tramway & Lighting ompany
North Pacific Coast Railroad
North Pennsylvania Railroad Company
North Pole Route
North Shore Railroad
North Shore Railway
North Star & Arrow Lake Railway Company
North Star & Mifflin
North Star Steel Company
North Western Coal & Navigation Company Ltd
North Western Railway of Peru
North Yakima & Valley Railway
North Yonge
North-west Railroad
Northampton & Amherst Street Railway Company
Northampton & Bath Railroad
Northampton & Hertford Railroad Company
Northampton Street Railway
Northampton Traction Co
Northampton Transit
Northcote City Counil Tramway
Northeast & Southwest Railroad
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corp
Northeast Oklahoma Railroad
Northeast Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Northeastern Railroad
Northeastern Railroad Company of South Carolina
Northeastern Railroad of Georgia
Northend Street Railway
Northern & North Western
Northern Alabama Railway
Northern Alberta Railways
Northern Alberta Railways Company
Northern California Railway
Northern Cambia Street Railway
Northern Central Michigan Railroad Company
Northern Central Railway Company
Northern Coal & Iron Company
Northern Colonization Railway Company
Northern Construction Company of Montreal
Northern Cross Railroad
Northern Dakota Railway
Northern Division Cumberland & Ohio Railroad
Northern Electric Railway
Northern Empire Railway Company
Northern Indiana & Southern Michigan
Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District
Northern Indiana Dock
Northern Indiana Railroad Company
Northern Indiana Railway Company
Northern Ireland Railways
Northern Lackawanna
Northern Longitudinal Railway
Northern Michigan Railroad
Northern Mississippi Railway Company
Northern New York Railroad Company
Northern Ohio Railway Company
Northern Pacific & British Columbia Railway Company
Northern Pacific & Cascade Railroad Company
Northern Pacific & Montana Railroad Company
Northern Pacific & Puget Sound Shore Railroad
Northern Pacific Railroad
Northern Pacific Railway
Northern Pacific Terminal
Northern Pacific Terminal Company of Oregon
Northern Pacific, Fergus & Black Hills Railroad Company
Northern Pacific, La Moure & Missouri River Railroad
Northern Railroad Company of New Hampshire
Northern Railroad Company of New Jersey
Northern Railroad of New Jersey, The
Northern Railroad of New York
Northern Railway
Northern Railway
Northern Railway of Canada
Northern Railway of Costa Rica
Northern Redwood Lumber Company
Northern Refrigerator Line
Northern Texas Transportation Company
Northern Vancouver Island Railway Company
Northport Traction Company
Northwestern Coal Railway
Northwestern Monroe Railway Company
Northwestern of Uruguay Railway
Northwestern Ohio Railway Company
Northwestern Oklahoma
Northwestern Pacific Railroad
Northwestern Pennsylvania Railroad
Northwestern Railroad
Northwestern refrigerator Line
Northwestern Steel & Wire
Northwestern Terminal Railroad
Northwood Pulp & Timber
Norton & Taunton Street Railway
Norway Branch Railroad Company
Norwegian State Railways
Norwich & Worcester Railroad Company
Norwood & St Lawrence Railroad
Norwood, Canton & Sharon Street Railway
Nova Scotia Light & Power Company
Nova Scotia Railway
Nova Scotia Tramway & Power Company
Noyan Railroad
NS Railinfrabeheer (?)
NV Gemengd Bedrijf Haagsche Tramweg-Maatschappij
Nyack & Northern Railroad Company
Oahu Railway
Oahu Railway & Land Company
Oahu Railway & Terminal Warehousing
Oak Bluffs Street Railway
Oak Grove & Georgetown
Oakdale-McDonald Street Railway
Oakland & Antioch
Oakland & East Side Railway
Oakland Cable Railway Company
Oakland Terminal Railway
Oakland, Antlock & Eastern
Oberlin & La Grange Railway Company
Ocala Recycling
Occidental Chemical Corp
Ocean City Electric Railroad
Ocean City Railroad
Ocean City Western
Ocean Shore Railroad
Ocean Shore Railway
Ocillo Southern
Oconee & Western Railroad Company
October Railway
Octoraro Railway
Ogden Mine Railroad Company
Ogden Union Railway & Depot Company
Ogden, Logan & Idaho Railway Company
Ogdensburg & Lake Champlain Railroad Company
Ogdensburg & Norwood Railway
Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority
Ogdensburg Railroad
Ogeechee Railway Company
Ohi-Rail Corp
Ohio & Baltimore Short Line Railway Company
Ohio & Indiana
Ohio & Indiana Stone Company
Ohio & Kentucky Railway
Ohio & Mississippi Railroad
Ohio & Mississippi Railway
Ohio & Morenci
Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Ohio Central Lines
Ohio Central Railroad, Inc
Ohio Connecting Railway Company
Ohio Electric Railway
Ohio Midland Power & Light Company
Ohio Power Company
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio Railroad
Ohio Rapid Transit Company
Ohio River & Charleston Railway Company
Ohio River & Charleston Railway of Kentucky
Ohio River & Western
Ohio River Railroad Company
Ohio Seamless Tube
Ohio Southern Railroad Company
Ohio Valley Railway Company
Oil City & Pithole Railway
Oil City & Ridgeway Railway & Mining Company
Oil City Street Railway Company
Oil Creek & Allegheny
Oil Creek & Titusville Lines
Oil Creek Railroad
Oil Fields Short Lines
Okalhoma City Ada-Atoka Railway
Okanagan & Kootenay Railway Company
Oklahoma & Arkansas
Oklahoma & Rich Mountain
Oklahoma Central
Oklahoma City Junction Railway
Oklahoma Northern
Oklahoma Railway Company
Oklahoma Southwestern
Oklahoma-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company
Old Augusta Railroad Company
Old Colony & Fall River Railroad
Old Colony & Newport Railroad
Old Colony Railroad Company
Old Dominion Line
Old Dutch Cleanser
Olean, Bradford & Warren Railroad Company in New York
Olean, Bradford & Warren Railroad Company in Pennsylvania
Olean, Oswayo & Eastern Railroad Company
Olin Chemical Division
Olive Sternenberg & Companys Timber Railroad
Oliver Iron Mining Company
Olympia Narrow Gage Railroad
Olympic Railroad Company
Omaha & Council Bluffs Railway
Omaha & Republican Valley Railway Company
Omaha & St Louis Railway Company
Omaha Belt Railway Company
Omaha Bridge & Terminal Railway Company
Omaha Road
Omaha Southern Railway Company
Omaha, Kansas City & Eastern
Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice Railway Company
Omnitrax, Inc
Oneida & Western
Oneonta & Mohawk Railway
Oneonta & Mohawk Valley
Oneonta, Cooperstown & Richfield Springs
Onieda Railway (?)
Ontario & Quebec Railway
Ontario & San Antonia Heights Railroad Company
Ontario Central Railroad Corp
Ontario Eastern
Ontario l'Original Railway, Inc
Ontario Lines-Midland/Central/Eastern
Ontario Midland Railroad Corp
Ontario Northland Railway
Ontario Southern Railroad
Ontario, Carbondale & Scranton Railway
Ontario, Carbondale & Scranton Railway Company
Ontario, Simcoe & Huron
Opelika & Auburn Railway Company
Opelousas, Gulf & Northeastern Railway
Orange & Alexandria Railroad
Orange & Fredericksburg Railroad
Orange Belt
Orange County Railroad Company
Orange Mountain Traction
Orange, Alexandria & Manassas
Orbe-Chavornay Railway
Oregon & California Railroad Company
Oregon & Eureka
Oregon & Navigation Company (?)
Oregon & Northwestern Railroad
Oregon & Pacific
Oregon & Texas Railway Company
Oregon & Washington Territory Railway
Oregon American
Oregon Central & Eastern Railroad Company
Oregon Electric Railway Company
Oregon Pacific & Eastern Railway
Oregon Pacific Railroad Company
Oregon Portage Railroad
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company
Oregon Railway & Navigation Company
Oregon Railway Extensions Company
Oregon Short Line
Oregon Short Line & Utah Northern Railway
Oregon Steam Navigation Company
Oregon Trunk Railway
Oregon Washington Railroad & Navigation Company
Oregon Water Power
Oregon, California & Eastern Railroad
Oregon, California & Eastern Railway
Oregon, Washington, Portland & … (?)
Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Co
Oregonian Railway
Orinoco Railroad
Orlando & Winter Park Railway
Orleans Kenner Traction
Orleans Railroad
Orleans, West Baden & French Lick Springs Railroad
Orleans, West Baden & French Lick Springs Railroad Company
Ormet Railroad Corp
Oro Dam
Oroya Railway
Osage Railroad
Osborne Bay & Wharf
Oscar Meyer
Osceola & Lake Jessup Railway
Oshawa Railway
Oshkosh Transportation Company
Osoyoos & Okanagan Railway Company
Ostrander Railway & Timber Company
Ostrich Farm
Oswego & Rome Railroad Company
Oswego & Syracuse Railroad Company
Otis Elevating Railway
Otis Railroad
Otsego & Herkimer
Ottawa & Gatineau
Ottawa & Prescott
Ottawa Electric Railway
Ottawa Northern & Western
Ottawa Transportation Commission
Otter Tail Valley Railroad Company, Inc
Ouachita Railroad
Oudh & Rohilkand Railway
Overland Dispatch
Overseas Railway
Overton Railroad
Owasco River Railway Company
Owens & Nelson Logging Road
Owensboro & Nashville Company
Owensboro, Falls of Rough & Green River Railroad
Oyster Bay Extension Railroad Company
Pabst Beer
Pacasmayo Railway
Pacific & Arctic Railway & Navigation
Pacific & Eastern
Pacific & Hudson Bay Railway Company
Pacific & Idaho Northern
Pacific & Peace Railway Company
Pacific & Peace River Railway Company
Pacific & Peace River Railway Company
Pacific Coast Aggregates Company
Pacific Coast Mines Ltd
Pacific Coast Railroad
Pacific Coast Railway
Pacific Coast Terminal
Pacific Electric Railway
Pacific Electric Railway of Mexico
Pacific Fruit Growers Express
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific Great Eastern Railway
Pacific Great Eastern Railway Company
Pacific Harbor Line, Inc
Pacific Lines
Pacific Lumber & Wood Companys Railroad
Pacific Lumber Companys Railroad
Pacific Mobile & Ohio
Pacific Northern & Eastern Railway Company
Pacific Northern & Omineca Railway Company
Pacific Northwest Traction Company
Pacific Portland Cement Company (?)
Pacific Railroad Company
Pacific Railroad of Mexico
Pacific Railroad of Nicaragua
Pacific Railway Company
Pacific Railway in Nebraska
Pacific Railway of Colombia
Pacific Railway of Mexico
Pacific, Peace River & Athabasca Railway Company
Pacific, Trans-Canada & Hudson Bay Railway Company
Packwaukee & Montello Railroad Company
Pacolet Mills Manufacturing
Paducah & Illinois Railroad
Paducah & Louisville Railway, Inc
Paducah Union Depot Company
Paducah, Tennessee & Alabama Railroad Company
Page Milk
Painesville & Eastern
Painesville, Wooster & Ohio
Pajaro Valley Railroad Company
Pajuro Valley Consolidated Railroad
Pakistan Railways
Palestine Lake Zurich & Wauconda
Palisades Railroad Company
Palmetto Railroad Company
Palmetto Traction
Palouse River & Coulee City Railroad Inc
Palouse River Railway
Pamlico Oriental & Eastern
Pan American Railway
Pan Handle Railway Company
Pana & Springfield Railroad Company
Panama Canal Company
Panama Rail Road
Panama Railroad
Panhandle & Santa Fe Railway
Panhandle Northern Railroad, LLC
Panther Railroad Company
Paragould Southeastern Railway
Paraguay Central Railway
Paraguay Central Railway
Paris & Decatur Railroad
Paris & Great Northern Railroad Company
Paris & Mount Pleasant railroad
Paris & Terre Haute
Paris, Lyons & Mediterranean Railway
Paris, Marshall & Sabine Pass Railway Company
Park Utah Consolidated Mines
Parker & Kansas City Railroad
Parkersburg Branch Railroad Company
Parr Terminal Railroad
Parsons & Pacific
Pasadena City
Pasadena Railway
Passaic & Delaware Extension Railroad Company
Passaic & Delaware Railroad Company
Passaic & New York Railroad Company
Passenger & Belt Railway
Patagonia Railway
Patapsco & Back Rivers Railroad Company
Paterson & Hudson River Railroad Company
Paterson & Ramapo Railroad Company
Paterson, Newark & New York Railroad Company
Path Valley Railroad
Patten & Sherman
Patterson & Hudson River
Patterson & Passaic Railroad
Patterson & Western
Patterson Central Electric
Patterson Extension
Patterson Heights Street Railway Company
Patterson New Jersey Railroad
Paul Smith Railroad (?)
Paul Smith's Electric Railway (?)
Paulista Railroad
Pawnee Railroad
Pawtuxet Valley Railroad Company
Payta to Piura Railway
Peabody Short Line
Peabosy Coal
Peace & Naas River Railway Company
Peace River Great Western Railway Company
Peace River Phosphate Mining Companys Railroad
Peace River Tramway & Navigation Company
Peach Bottom Railroad
Peaker Services Inc
Pearl River Valley Railroad Company
Pecos River Railroad
Pecos Valley & Northeastern
Pecos Valley Railway
Pecos Valley Southern Railway Company
Pee Dee River Railway
Peekskill Lighting & Railroad Company
Peerless Beer
Peg Leg
Pekin, Lincoln & Decatur
Pelham Park Railroad
Pemberton & Hightstown Railroad Company
Pemberton & New York
Pemberton & Seashore
Pembina Valley Railway
Pembina Valley Railway
Pemigewasset Valley Railroad Company
Pend Oreille Valley Railroad
Peninsula Terminal Company
Peninsula Terminal Railroad Company
Peninsular Railway
Peninsular, Deer Park & Southern Railroad Company
Penn Central
Penn Eastern Rail Lines, Inc
Penn Haven & White Haven
Penn Jersey Rail Lines Inc
Penn Road Sea Shore
Penn View Mountain Railroad
Pennsboro & Harrisville Railroad
Pennsboro & Harrisville Ritchie County Railway Company
Pennsylvania & Atlantic Railroad
Pennsylvania & Delaware Railroad
Pennsylvania & Maryland Street Railway
Pennsylvania & New Jersey Railway
Pennsylvania & New Jersey Steam-Boat Co
Pennsylvania & New York Canal & Railroad Company
Pennsylvania & New York Railroad
Pennsylvania & North Western Railroad Company
Pennsylvania & Northwestern Railroad Company
Pennsylvania & Pacific
Pennsylvania Coal Company
Pennsylvania Company
Pennsylvania Detroit Railroad
Pennsylvania Glass Sand Company
Pennsylvania Merchandise
Pennsylvania Midland Railroad Company
Pennsylvania Midland Railway Company
Pennsylvania Power & Light Company
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad Company
Pennsylvania State Railroad
Pennsylvania, Ohio & Detroit Railroad Company
Pennsylvania, Poughkeepsie & Boston Railroad Company
Pennsylvania, Slatington & New England Railroad Company
Pennsylvania-Pacific Railroad
Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
Penobscot & Kennebec
Penoles Mexicanna (?)
Pensacola & Andalusia Railroad Company
Pensacola & Atlantic Railroad
Pensacola & Georgia
Pensacola & Louisville Railroad
Pensacola & Mobile Railroad & Manufacturing Company
Pensacola & Pendido Railroad Company
Pensacola Electric Company
Pensacola Railroad
Pensacola, Alabama & Tennessee Railroad
Pensacola, Mobile & New Orleans
Penticton Railway Company
Peoples Electric Street Railway
Peoples Railway Company
Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad
Peoria & Eastern Railway Company
Peoria & Oquowka (?)
Peoria & Pekin Union Railway
Peoria Gateway Railroad
Peoria Terminal Railroad
Peoria, Atlanta & Decatur
Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway Company
Pequest & Walkill
Pere Marquette Railway
Perkiomen Railroad Company
Permian Basin Railroad
Perry County Port Authority
Perry County Railroad Company
Perry Railroad Company
Perth Amboy & Raritan Railway Company
Perth Amboy & Woodbridge Railroad Company
Peru & Detroit Railway Company
Peru & Indianapolis
Peruvian Central Railway
Peruvuan Central Railway
Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railroad
Peterborough & Hillsborough Railroad Company
Peterborough Radial Railway
Peterborough Railroad Company
Petersburg & Asylum Railroad Company
Petersburg & Sea Isle City Railroad
Petersburg Railroad Company
Peterson Lumber Company
Phelps Dodge Corp
Philadelphia & Atlantic City Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Atlantic City Railway
Philadelphia & Baltimore Central Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Beach Haven Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Brigantine Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Camden Ferry Company
Philadelphia & Chester Valley Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Columbia Railroad
Philadelphia & Delaware County Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Erie Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Frankford Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Germantown Railway
Philadelphia & Long Branch Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Long Branch Railway
Philadelphia & Newton Connecting Railroad
Philadelphia & Northern Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Reading Terminal Railroad Company
Philadelphia & Sea Shore Railway
Philadelphia & Trenton Railroad Company
Philadelphia & West Chester Traction
Philadelphia & Western Railroad
Philadelphia & Western Railway
Philadelphia & Western Street Railway
Philadelphia Belt Line Railroad Company
Philadelphia Coke Company
Philadelphia Rapid Transit
Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Company (?)
Philadelphia Transportation Company
Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad
Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Germantown & Chestnut Hill Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Germantown & Norristown Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Harrisburg & Pittsburg Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Marlton & Medford Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Newtown & New York Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Reading & New England Railroad Company
Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad Company
Phillips & Rangeley Railroad Company
Phoenix Street Railway
Picatinny Arsenal
Pickens Railway Company
Pickering Lumber
Pickering Valley Railroad Company
Pictou County Electric Company
Piedmont & Cumberland Railway
Piedmont & Northern Railway
Pigeon River Railroad Company
Pinafore Park
Pincher Creek & Southern Railway Company
Pine Belt Southern Railroad Company, Inc
Pine Bluff & Eastern Railroad
Pine Creek Flume Company
Pine Creek Railroad
Pine Creek Railway Company
Pine Pass Railway Company
Pinehurst Electric Railway
Pinsly Railroad Company
Pioneer & Fayette Railroad Company
Pioneer Industrial Railway Company
Pioneer Pennsylvania Coal Company
Pioneer Railcorp
Pioneer Railroad Equipment Company, Ltd
Pioneer Railroad Services, Inc
Pioneer Street Railway (?)
Pioneer Valley Railroad Company
Pioneer Valley Railroad Company, Inc
Piqua & Troy Branch Railroad Company
Piraeus Athens Peloponnesus
Pithole Valley Railroad
Pittsboro Railroad Company
Pittsburg & Columbus Railway Company
Pittsburg & Northern Railroad Company
Pittsburg, Washington & Baltimore
Pittsburgh & Birmingham Passenger Railway
Pittsburgh & Butler
Pittsburgh & Butler Street Railway
Pittsburgh & Carnegie Railroad
Pittsburgh & Castle Shannon Incline
Pittsburgh & Castle Shannon Railroad Company
Pittsburgh & Connellsville Railroad Company
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company
Pittsburgh & Moon River
Pittsburgh & Moon Run Railroad Company
Pittsburgh & Ohio Valley Railway
Pittsburgh & Shawmut Railroad Company
Pittsburgh & Susquehanna
Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway
Pittsburgh & Western Railroad Company
Pittsburgh Commuter
Pittsburgh County
Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad Inc
Pittsburgh Junction Railroad Company
Pittsburgh Plate Glass
Pittsburgh Railroad Company
Pittsburgh Railways Company
Pittsburgh Southern
Pittsburgh, Akron & Western Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Allegheny & McKees Rocks Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Bessemer & Lake Erie
Pittsburgh, Binghamton & Eastern
Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny Railway Company
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St Louis Railroad
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis Railway Company
Pittsburgh, Cleveland & Toledo Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Cleveland & Toronto
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Company
Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler & North Castle (?)
Pittsburgh, Lackawanna & Northeastern
Pittsburgh, Lisbon & Western Railroad
Pittsburgh, Lisbon & Western Railway Company
Pittsburgh, Marion & Chicago Railroad
Pittsburgh, Marion & Chicago Railway
Pittsburgh, Mars & Butler Railway
Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Ohio Valley & Cincinnati Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Painesville & Fairport Railway Company
Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Shenango & Lake Erie Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Titus & Buffalo
Pittsburgh, Virginia & Charleston Railway Company
Pittsburgh, Westmoreland & Somerset
Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Kentucky Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Ashtabula Railroad Company
Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Chicago
Pittsfield & North Adams Railroad Company
Pittsford & Rutland Railroad Company
Pittston Hawley Gravity Company
Pittstown Branch Railway Company
Placerville & Lake Tahoe
Plant System
Plattsburgh & Dannemora Railroad Company
Plattsburgh Traction Company
Pleasantville & Ocean City Rail Road
Plymouth & Middleborough Railroad Company
Plymouth & Sandwich Street Railway
Plymouth Railroad Company
Pocono Northeast Railway
Point Comfort & Northern Railway
Point Pleasant New Jersey Transit (?)
Point Shirley Street Railway
Point Shirley Street Railway
Polish State Railways
Polk-Claiborne Military Railroad
Pomeroy & Newark Railroad Company
Pomeroy & Stateline Railroad
Pomeroy Belt Railway Company
Pontchartrain Railroad
Pontiac Pacific Junction Railway
Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad Company
Pontiac-Pontiac Junction Railway
Port Angeles & Eastern
Port Angeles Pacific
Port Arthur, Duluth & Western Railway (of Minnesota)
Port Authority of Allegheny County
Port Authority Trans Hudson
Port Authority Transit
Port Bienville Railroad
Port Clinton Short Line Railway
Port Colborne Harbour Railway
Port Comfort & Northern
Port Dalhouse, St Catherines & Thorold
Port Edwards, Centralia & Northern Railway Company
Port Everglades Belt Line Railroad
Port Everglades Railway
Port Hope, Lindsay & Beaverton
Port Huron & Detroit Railroad
Port Huron & Lake Michigan
Port Huron & Northwestern
Port Huron Electric Street Railway
Port Isabel & Rio Grande Valley Railroad
Port Isabel & Rio Grande Valley Railway
Port Jervis & Monticello Railway (?)
Port Jervis Traction Company
Port Jervis, Monticello & New York Railroad Company
Port Manatee
Port Moody, Indian River & Northern Railway Company
Port of Palm Beach District
Port of Tacoma
Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
Port Oram Railroad
Port Orange Railroad
Port Reading Railroad Company
Port Royal
Port Royal & Augusta Railway Company
Port Royal & Western Carolina Railway Company
Port Stanley Incline Railway
Port Terminal Railroad Association
Port Townsend & Puget Sound
Port Townsend Railroad
Port Townsend Southern Railroad Company
Port Utilities Commission Railway
Portage Creek & Rich Valley Railroad Company
Portage Railroad
Porter (?)
Porterfield & Ellis
Porterfield Northeastern
Porters Creek & Gauley Railroad Company
Portland & Cape Elizabeth Railway
Portland & Kennebec
Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad Line
Portland & Ogdensburg Railway Company
Portland & Rochester Railroad Company
Portland & Rumford Falls Railway Company
Portland & Stickine Railway Company
Portland Canal Railway Company
Portland Canal Short Line Company
Portland Electric Power Company
Portland Electric Railway
Portland Lewiston Interurban Railroad
Portland Lewiston Railway
Portland Locomotive Works
Portland Public Docks
Portland railroad Company
Portland Railway Light & Power Company
Portland Terminal Railroad Company
Portland Traction Company
Portland Tri-Met
Portland Union Railway Station Company
Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad Company
Portsmouth & Concord Railroad
Portsmouth & Dover Railroad Company
Portsmouth & Roanoke Railroad
Portsmouth & Tygart Valley Railroad Company
Portsmouth Electric Railway
Portsmouth, Dover & York Street Railway
Portugese Railways
Potato Creek railroad
Poteau & Cavanal Mountain
Poteau Valley
Potomac Edison
Potomac Electric Power
Potomac Railroad Company
Potomac Valley Railroad Company
Potomac, Fredericksburg & Piedmont Railroad Company
Potomic Region Lines (?)
Pottsdam & Watertown
Pottstown Railway
Poughkeepsie & Connecticut Railroad
Poughkeepsie & Eastern Railroad Company
Poughkeepsie & Eastern Railway Company
Poughkeepsie Bridge Company
Poughkeepsie, Hartford & Boston
Powder River Railroad
Powell Street Railway
Powellton & Pocahontas Railway Company
Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust
Prairie Central
Prattsburgh Railway
Precision National
Prescott & Arizona Central Railway Company
Prescott & Eastern
Prescott & Mt Union Railway
Prescott & Northeastern
Prescott & Northwestern Railroad Company
Presidio & Ferries Railroad Company
Preston Railroad
Primm Valley Transit Authority, Inc
Prince Edward Island
Prince Rupert & Port Simpson Railway Company
Princeton & Western Railway Company
Princeton Fast Line
Princeton Traction
Prism Rail
Procor Ltd
Proctor Coal Companys Railroad
Products Tank Line (?)
Profile & Franconia Notch Railroad Company
Profile Northern
Prospect Park & Coney Island Railroad Company
Prospect Park & South Brooklyn Railroad Company
Providence & Bedford
Providence & Danielson Railway Company
Providence & Danielson Street Railway
Providence & Fall River Street Railway
Providence & Springfield Railroad Company
Providence & Worcester Railroad Company
Providence, Warren & Bristol Railroad Company
Providence, Webster & Springfield Railroad Company
Province of Buenos Ayres Railway
Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej
Public Belt Road
Public Service Coordinated Transport
Public Service of Colorado
Public Service of Indiana
Public Service of New Jersey
Public Service Railway Company
Pueblo & Arkansas Valley
Pueblo & State Line Railroad
Pueblo Union Depot & Railroad
Puerto Cabellos & Valencia Railway
Puget Sound & Grays Harbor Railroad & Transportation Company
Puget Sound & Snoqualmie Valley Railroad
Puget Sound Electric Railway
Pullman Company
Purdue University (?)
Putnam Lumber Company
Quabog Transfer Company
Quaker Oats
Quakertown & Bethlehem Railroad
Quakertown & Eastern Railroad
Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railway
Quebec & Gosford Wooden Railway
Quebec & Lake St John Railway
Quebec Central Railway
Quebec Citadel Incline Plane
Quebec District Railway
Quebec Iron & Titanium
Quebec Railway Corp
Quebec Railway Light & Power Company
Quebec Southern Railway
Quebec, Montreal & Southern Railway
Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa & Occidental Railway
Quebec, North Shore & Labrador Railway
Queen Annes & Kent Railroad Company
Queen Annes Railroad Company
Queen Charlotte Railway Company
Queensboro Bridge Railway Company
Queensland Government Railways
Queensland Rail
Quincy & Torch Lake Railroad Company
Quincy Mining Company
Quincy Quarry Companys Railroad
Quincy Railroad
Quincy Railroad Bridge Company
Quincy Soybean Company
Quincy Western Railway Company
Quincy, Alton & St Louis Railway Company
Quincy, Omaha & Kansas City Railway Company
Quochita & North Western
R. J. Corman Railroad Company / Cleveland Line
R. J. Corman Railroad Company / Memphis Line
R. J. Corman Railroad Company / Pennsylvania Lines, Inc
R. J. Corman Railroad Company / Western Ohio Line
R. J. Corman Railroad Corp
Rahway Valley Railroad
Rail To Water Transportation Company
Railcar Leasing Specialists, Inc
Railcar Maintenance Company
Railfreight Distribution
Railroad Weed Control, Inc (?)
RailTex, Inc
Railway Express
Railway Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher
Railway Nyon-St.Cergue-La Cure
Railway Transfer City of Minneapolis
Railworks (?)
Rainy Hollow Railway Company
Raleigh & Augusta Air Line Railroad Company
Raleigh & Charleston
Raleigh & Gaston Railroad Company
Raleigh & Western Railway Company
Ralston Purina
Ramsgate Tunnel Railway
Rancagua Street Railway
Rancagua-El Teniente Railway
Randolph County Railroad
Randsburg Railway Company
Rangely Phillips & Industry Railroad
Rantoul Railroad Company
Rapid City, Black Hills & western
Rapid Transit Company of Ohio
Raquette Lake Railway
Raritan & Delaware Bay
Raritan North Shore Railroad Company
Raritan River Railroad Company
Rath Black Hawk
Raub Central Power
Ravenswood, Spencer & Glenville Railway Company
Ray & Gila Valley Railroad Company
Raymondville & Waddington
Rayonier & Navigation Company (?)
Rayonier Railway
Reader Railroad
Reading & Columbia Railroad Company
Reading & Lehigh
Reading Iron Company
Reading Railroad Company
Reading Street Railway
Reading, Marietta & Hanover Railroad Company
Red Arrow Lines (?)
Red Coat Road & Rail Ltd
Red Deer Railway Company
Red Deer Valley Railway & Coal Company
Red Mountain Railway Company
Red River & Gulf Railroad
Red River Lumber Company
Red Springs & Bowmore Railroad Company
Red Springs & Northern
Redondo Railway Company
Redstone Railroad
Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti
Regie des Chemin de Fer du Senegal
Regina Municipal Railway
Regional Traffic Oberaargau
Regional Transit Authority
Regional Transportation District
Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn
Register & Glenville
Reichhold Chemical
Reno & Pithole
Reno Traction
Rensselaer & Saratoga Railroad Company
Republic Steel Corp
Reseau Ferre de France
Reserve Mining Company
Revelstoke & Cassiar Railway Company
Rew City & Eldred
Reynoldsville & Falls Creek Railroad Company
Rhaetian Railway
Rheineck-Walzenhausen Railway
Rheingold (?)
Rheinische Bahngesellschaft AG
Rhetian Railway
Rhinebeck & Connecticut Railroad Company
Rhode Island & Massachusetts Railroad Company in Massachusetts
Rhode Island & Massachusetts Railroad Company of Rhode Island
Rhode Island Company
Rhode Island Suburban Railway
Rhymney Railway
Rice Lake, Dallas & Menomonie Railway
Richelieu, Drummond & Athabaska
Richland & Petersburg Railroad
Richmond & Allegheny Railroad
Richmond & Chesapeake Bay
Richmond & Danville Railroad
Richmond & Mecklenburg Railroad Company
Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Company
Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Connection Company
Richmond & York River Railroad
Richmond Locomotive & Machine Works
Richmond Shipyard Railway
Richmond Terminal Railway
Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac & Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Connection Company
Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Company
Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine & Beattyville Railroad Company
Richmond-Petersburg Railroad Company
Rideau Canal Tramway
Ridgefield Park
Ridgeway & Clearfield Railroad Company
Riegelsville Railroad Company
Righi Vaudois Wire Rope Railway
Rigi Railway
Ringling Brothers Circus (?)
Rio Grande & Eagle Pass Railway Company
Rio Grande & El Paso Railroad Company
Rio Grande & Pagosa Springs Railroad Company
Rio Grande & Santa Fe Railroad Company
Rio Grande & Southwestern
Rio Grande City
Rio Grande Eastern
Rio Grande Gunnison Railway
Rio Grande Junction Railway Company
Rio Grande Northern Railway Company
Rio Grande Railroad Company
Rio Grande Southern Railroad Company
Rio Grande Western Railway Company
Ripley & Mill Creek Valley Railway Company
River Terminal Railway
Riverfront Railroad Company
Riverside & Arlington Electric Railway
Riverside , Bridgeboro, Mount Holly & Atlantic S>>> (?)
Riverside Park Railway
Roanoke & Southern Railway Company
Roanoke & Tar River Railroad Company
Roanoke Railroad Company
Roanoke Railway & Electric Company
Roanoke River Railway
Roanoke Valley Railroad
Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad
Roaring Creek & Belington Railroad Company
Robbins Railroad
Robeline & Sabine Pass Railroad Company
Roberval & Sagueway Railway Company
Roby & Northern Railway
Rochelle Railroad Company
Rochester & Eastern
Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway
Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Company
Rochester & Honeoye Valley Railroad Company
Rochester & Irondequoit Railroad Company
Rochester & Lake Ontario Railway Company
Rochester & Sodus Bay Railway Company
Rochester & Southern Railroad, Inc
Rochester & Suburban
Rochester & Syracuse Railroad
Rochester City & Brighton
Rochester Electric
Rochester Gas & Electric
Rochester Railway
Rochester Southern Railroad Company
Rochester Transit Corp
Rochester Trolley Lines
Rochester, Beaver Falls & Western Railway Company
Rochester, Hornellsville & Lackawanna Railroad Company
Rochester, Lockport & Buffalo Railroad
Rochester, Lockport & Niagara Falls
Rochester, Munda & Pennsylvania
Rochester, Munda & Pittsburgh
Rochester, New York & Pennsylvania Railway Company
Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Railroad
Rock & Rail, Inc
Rock Bay & Salmon River Railway Company
Rock Island
Rock Island & Peoria Railway Company
Rock Island Southern Railway Company
Rock Port, Langdon & Northern
Rockaway Railway Company
Rockaway Valley Manufacturing & Construction Company
Rockaway Valley Railroad Company
Rockaway Valley Railway Company
Rockbridge, Alum & Goshen Railroad Company
Rockcastle Railroad
Rockcastle River Railroad
Rockdale, Momence & Southeastern
Rockdale, Sandow & Southern Railroad Company
Rockford & Interurban Railway
Rockford Illinois Electric Company
Rockford, Rock Island & St Louis
Rockingham Railroad
Rockland & Abington Street Railway Company
Rockland Central
Rockport Railroad Company
Rockport, Langdon & Northern Railway Company
Rockport, Thomaston & Camden Street Railway
Rockton & Rion Railway (?)
Rockville Railroad Company
Rockwood & Tennessee River Railway Company
Rocky Fork & Cooke City Railroad Company
Rocky Hill Railroad & Transportation Company
Rocky Mountain & Santa Fe Railway
Rocky Mountain Railcar & Railroad, Inc
Rocky Mountain Railroad of Montana
Rocky Mountain Railway & Coal Company
Rocky Springs Park
Rogue River Valley Railway Company
Rolling Mill Railroad Company
Rome & Clinton Railroad Company
Rome & Northern
Rome & Watertown
Rome Railroad of Georgia
Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad Company
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway Limited
Rooks County Railroad Company
Root Refining Company
Rosario-Puerto Belgrano Railway
Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific Railway Company
Rosedale & Mississippi Central Valley Railroad Company
Rosedale-Bolivar County Port Commission
Roselle & South Plainfield Railway Company
Roswell Railroad Company
Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram
Rowland Springs Railroad
Rowlesburg & Southern
Rowley & Ipswich Street Railway System (?)
Roy Greene (?)
Royal Blue Line
Royal Collieries Railway Company
Ruddock, Bonnet Carre & Northern Railroad Company
Rumford Falls & Buckfield Railroad Company
Rumford Falls & Rangeley Lakes Railroad Company
Rupert & Bloomsburg Railroad Company
Russian Decapods (?)
Russian Railways
Rutland & Burlington
Rutland & Whitehall Railroad Company
Rutland Line, Inc
Rutland Railroad Company
Rutland Railway
Rutledge & Julian Railroad Company
Sabine River & Northern Railroad Company
Sackets Harbor & Ellisburg
Sacramanto Electric Gas & railway Company
Sacramento City Lines
Sacramento Northern Railway
Sacramento Regional Transit District
Sacramento RT Metro (?)
Sacramento Southern
Sacramento Valley & Eastern Railway
Sacramento Valley Railroad
Sacramento, Auburn & Northern
Saginaw & Grand Rapids Railroad Company
Saginaw & Mt Pleasant
Saginaw & Western Railroad Company
Saginaw Bay & Northwestern Railrad Company
Saginaw Logging
Saginaw Union Station Railway
Saginaw Valley & St Louis Railroad Company
Saginaw Valley Railway COmpany, Inc
Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron Railroad Company
Salem Branch Railroad Company
Salem Falls City & Western railway
Salem Railroad Company
Salem Valley
Salina & Southwestern Railway Company
Salineville Railroad Company
Salisbury Railroad Company
Salmon Creek Railroad Company
Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway
Salt Lake & Mercur Railroad Company
Salt Lake & Utah
Salt Lake City Southern Railroad Company, Inc
Salt Lake City Union Depot & railroad Company
Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railway Company
Salvador Railway
Samarang-Vorstenlanden Railway
San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway
San Antonio & Gulf Shore Railway Company
San Antonio & Mexican Gulf Railroad
San Antonio Public Service
San Antonio Southern
San Antonio Traction Company
San Antonio, Uvalde & Gulf Railroad
San Benito & Rio Grande Valley
San Berdo & Los Angeles
San Bernardino Valley Traction
San Bernardino, Arrowhead & Waterman Railway Company
San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railway
San Diego & Arizona Railroad
San Diego & Cuyamaca
San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad Company
San Diego & Phoenix Railroad Company
San Diego & South Eastern Railway Company
San Diego Electric Railway
San Diego South Eastern Railway
San Diego Transit
San Diego Trolley
San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern Railway Company
San Diego, Old Town & Palm Beach
San Diego, Pacific Beach & La Jolla Railway Company
San Francisco & Napa Valley Railroad
San Francisco & North Pacific Railway Company
San Francisco & Northwestern Railway Company
San Francisco & San Joaquin Valley Railway
San Francisco & San Jose
San Francisco & San Mateo
San Francisco Belt Line Railroad
San Francisco Municipal Railway
San Francisco, Napa & Calistoga Railway
San Francisco, Oakland & San Jose
San Francisco, Tamalpais & Bolinas
San Francisco, Vallejo & Napa
San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad
San Gabriel Valley Rapid Transit Railway
San Jacinto Railway Company
San Joachin Lumber
San Joaquin & Eastern Railroad
San Joaquin Valley Railroad Company
San Jose & Alum Rock Railroad
San Jose Railroad
San Juan Central
San Juan Pacific
San Luis Central Railroad Company
San Luis Obispo Railway
San Luis Southern
San Luis Valley
San Luis Valley Southern
San Luis, Obispo & Santa Maria Valley
San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company
San Paulo Railway
San Pedro & Southwestern Railway Company
San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt lake railroad
San Pete Valley Railway
San Rafael & San Quentin Railroad Company
Sanborn, Cooperstown & Turtle Mountain Railroad
Sand Hutton Railway
Sand Springs Railway Company
Sandersville Railroad Company
Sandpoint & Interurban Railway Company, Ltd
Sandusky & Columbus Short Line
Sandusky & Interurban
Sandusky Street Railway
Sandusky, Fremont & Southern
Sandusky, Mansfield & Newark Railroad Company
Sandusky, Milan & Huron
Sandusky, Milan & Norwalk Electric Railway
Sandusky, Norwalk & Mansfield Electric Railway
Sandusky, Norwalk & Southern
Sandwich, Windsor & Amerstburg Electric
Sandy River & Elkham
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad
Sandy River Railroad Company
Sandy Valley & elkhorn
Sanford & Everglades Railroad
Sanford & Lake Eustis Railroad
Sanford & St Petersburg Railroad Company
Sanford Traction
Santa Ana & Newport Railway
Santa Ana Railway
Santa Barbara & Suburban
Santa Cruz & Felton
Santa Cruz & Watsonville
Santa Cruz Railroad Company
Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific Railway Company
Santa Cruz-Watsonville Railroad
Santa Fe
Santa Fe Central
Santa Fe Railway
Santa Fe Southern Railway, Inc
Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Railway Company
Santa Fe, Raton & Eastern Railroad
Santa Maria Valley Railroad Company
Santa Marta
Santiago to San Bernardo Electric Railway Company
Santiago Tramway & Light Company
Santos and Jundiai
Sapulpa Union
Saranac & Lake Placid Railroad Company
Saratoga & Encampment Railway
Saratoga & Schenectady Railroad Company
Saratoga & Schuylersville
Saratoga & St Lawrence Railroad Company
Saratoga, Mt McGregor & Lake George Railroad
Saskatchewan Streetcar (?)
Saskatoon Municipal Railway
Saucelito Terminal
Saudi Government Railway
Saudi Railways Organization
Sault St Marie Bridge Company
Savannah & Atlanta Railway Company
Savannah & Atlantic Railroad Company
Savannah & Northwestern
Savannah & Southern
Savannah & Statesborg Railroad
Savannah & Western Railroad Company
Savannah Port Terminal Railroad, Inc
Savannah River Terminal
Savannah State Docks
Savannah, Albany & Gulf Railroad
Savannah, Florida & Western Railway Company
Savannah, Griffin & North Alabama
Savannah, Shiloh Park & Corinth
Sawyer River Railroad Company
SBB Brunig-Railway
Schenectady & Duanesburgh Railroad Company
Schenectady & Troy
Schenectady Locomotive Works
Schenectady Railway Company
Schlitz Beer
Schoharie Valley Railroad Company
Schuyler Railway
Schuylkill & Lehigh Railroad Company
Schuylkill & Lehigh Valley Railroad Company
Schuylkill & Susquehanna
Schuylkill River East Side Railroad Company
Schuylkill River West Side Railroad Company
Schuylkill Valley Navigation & Railroad Company
Schwargehild Sulzberger
Sciato Valley Southern (?)
Scioto Valley Traction
Scott & Bearskin Lake
Scranton & Binghamton
Scranton , Dunmore & Moosic Lake
Scranton Railway Company
Scranton Traction Company
Scranton Transit Company
Scranton, Montrose & Binghamton Railroad Company
SD Warren Paper Company
SE Mineral
Sea Cliff Inclined Railway Company
Sea Vier Railroad (?)
Seaboard & Roanoke Railroad Company
Seaboard Air Line
Seaboard Air Line Belt Railroad Company
Seaboard Coast Line
Seaboard Railroad
Seaboard System Railroad, Inc
Seabord All-Florida Railroad
Seabord Coast Line Railroad
Seaford and Cambridge Railroad
Seashore Electric Museum
Seashore Electric Railway
Seashore Electric Railway
SeaTrain Lines
Seattle & North Coast
Seattle & Ranier Valley railroad
Seattle & Walla Walla
Seattle Coal & Transportation Company
Seattle Electric Company
Seattle Municipal Railway
Seattle Municipal Street Railway System
Seattle Tacoma Interurban
Seattle Terminal
Seattle, Columbia & Puget Sound Railway
Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern
Seaview Transportation
Sebasticook & Moosehead Lake
Sebasticook & Moosehead Railroad Company
Second Avenue Railroad Company
Secretaria de Comunicationes y Obras… (?)
Selma & Gulf
Selma, Marion & Memphis
Selma, Rome & Dalton
Selma, Rome & Dalton
Seminole Gulf Railway LP
SEMO Port Railroad, Inc
Seneca County Railway Company
Sequatchie Valley Railroad
Seward Peninsula Railroad
Sewell Valley Railroad
Shade Creek Railway Company
Shade Gap Electric Railway
Shade Gap Railroad Company
Shaker Heights Rapid Transit
Shamokin & Treverton
Shamokin Valley & Pottsville Railroad Company
Shamokin Valley Railroad Company
Shamokin, Sunbury & Lewisburg Railroad Company
Sharon Railway Company
Sharpsville Railroad Company
Shawmut & Northern
Shawmut Connecting
Shawmut Tecumseh Traction
Shawnee Terminal Railway Company
Sheboygan & Fond du Lac
Sheboygan Railway Light & Power Company
Sheffield & Tionesta Railway
Shelburne Falls & Colrain Street Railway
Shelburne Falls & Colrain Street Railway
Shell Chemical Company
Shell Oil
Shenandoah Central
Shenandoah Valley Railroad
Shenango & Allegheny
Shenango & Beaver valley
Shepaug Railroad Company
Shepaug, Litchfield & Northern Railroad Company
Sherbrooke Eastern Township & Kennebec
Sherman's Valley & Broad Top Railroad
Shin-Futumata Coal Mining Company
Ship Railway of Chicnecto
Shipley Glen Tramway
Shipper's Car Line
Shipyard Railway (?)
Shore Fast Line
Shore Line Electric Railway company
Shore Line Railway Company
Shortline Railroad
Shreveport & Pacific Railroad
Shreveport & Red River Valley railway
Shreveport Railways
Shuswap & Okanagan Railway Company
Sidell & Olney Railroad
Sidney & Lowe Railroad, Inc
Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Company
Sierra Pacific
Sierra Railroad Company
Sierra Railroad of California
Sierra Railway
Sierra Valleys
Silver City, Pinos Altos & Mogollon
Silver King Coalition Mines Company
Silver Lake Railway Company
Silver Peak Railroad
Silver Springs, Ocala & Gulf Railroad
Silverton Northern Railroad
Silverton railroad
Silverton Tramway Company
Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly Railroad
Similkameen & Keremeos Railway Company
Simpson Timber Company
Singapore Mass Rapid Transit
Singer manufacturing Company
Sinnemahonong Valley
Sioux City & Morningside Street Railway
Sioux City & Pacific
Sioux City Elevated railway
Sioux City Rapid Transit Company
Sioux City Terminal Railway
Sioux City Traction Company
Sioux City Transit Company
Sioux Falls & Northern
Sioux Falls Traction System
Sisseton Milbank Railroad Inc
Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan
Sistema del Tren Electrica Urbano
Sistrunk & Jordan
Skagit Railway
Skagit River Railway
Skaneateles Railroad Company
Skaneateles Short Line Railroad
Skeena River & Eastern Railway Company
Skeena River Railway Colonization & Exploration Company
Slackwater Connectng Railroad Company
Slate Run Railroad Company
Slatington Railroad Company
Slave Falls Railway
Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway
Slovak Republic Railways
Smethport & Olean
Smithonia & Dunlap Railroad Company
Smithonia, Danielsville & Carnesville Railroad Company
Smoky Mountain Company
Smoky Valley & Peace River Railway Company
SMS Rail Service Inc
Smyrna & Delaware Bay Railroad Company
Snaefell Mountain Railway
Sociedad Ferrocarril de Electrico de Villa Alegre
Societe d'Economie Mixte des Transports de l'Agglomeration Grenobloise
Societe de Transport en Commun Charleroi
Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles
Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles
Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de la Region Liegeoise
Societe Nationales des Transports Ferroviares
Solomon Railroad
Solothurn-Zollikofen-Bern Light Railway
Somers Lumber Company
Somerset & Cambria Railroad Company
Somerset Railroad Corp
Somerset Railway Company
Somerville & Easton
Somerville Street Railway
Sonoma Baja California Railroad
Sonoma Baja California Railway
Sonoma Valley Prismodial Railroad
Sonoma Valley Railroad
Soo Line Railroad Company
Sound Shore Railroad Company
South & North Alabama Railroad Company
South & North Carolina Railroad
South & Western Railway Company
South African Rail Commuter Corp, Ltd
South African Rail Commuter Corp, Ltd
South African Railways
South Atlantic & Ohio Railroad Company
South Bay Interurban
South Bound Railroad
South Branch Railroad (of West Virginia)
South Branch Railroad Company (of New Jersey)
South Branch Railroad Company (of West Virginia)
South Branch Valley Railroad
South Brooklyn Railway Co
South Brunswick Railway
South Brunswick Terminal Railroad Company
South Buffalo Railway Company
South Camden Ferry Company
South Carolina & Georgia Railroad Company
South Carolina Canal & Railroad
South Carolina Central Railroad Company
South Carolina Electric & Gas
South Carolina Pacific Railway Company
South Carolina Railroad
South Central Florida Express, Inc
South Central Railway
South Central Railway
South Central Tennessee Railroad Corp
South Chester Railroad Company
South Chicago & Southern Railroad Company
South Chicago & West Indiana Railroad
South Chicago Railroad Company
South Dakota Central Railway
South East Calgary Electric Railway Company
South East Kansas Railroad
South East Kootenay Railway Company
South East Michigan Transit
South Eastern
South Eastern & Chatham Railway
South Eastern & Phillipsburg Railroad
South Eastern Coal Company
South Eastern Railway
South Eastern Railway
South Easton & Phillipsburg Railroad Company
South Florida Railroad
South Fork Railroad Company
South Fork-Portage Railway
South Georgia Railroad
South Georgia Railway
South Haven & Eastern Railroad Company
South Hopkins Coal Company
South Iowa Railway
South Jersey Railroad Company
South Jersey Rapid Transit Lines
South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad, Inc
South Kootenay Railway Company
South Lake Railroad
South Logan Railway
South Manchester Railroad Company
South Manchuria Railway
South Omaha Terminal Railway
South Orient Railroad Company, Ltd
South Pacific Coast Railway
South Park
South Park & Leadville Short Line Railroad
South Pennsylvania Railroad
South Plains Lamesa Railroad, Ltd
South Range Narrow Gauge Railroad
South Shore & South Bend
South Shore Railroad
South Shore Railway
South Shore Rapid Transit
South Side & Norfolk & Petersburg
South Side Railroad
South Side Railroad of Long Island
South Side Traction Company
South St Paul Belt Railroad Company
South Western Railroad
South Yorkshire Supertram
Southeast Kansas Railroad Company
Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority
Southeast Oklahoma Industrial
Southeastern Dakota Railroad
Southeastern International Corp
Southeastern Ohio Traction
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Southend Pier Railway
Southend-on-Sea Corp
Southern Alabama Railroad Company, Inc
Southern Alberta Railway Company
Southern Appalachian Railway
Southern California Edison Company
Southern California Railroad
Southern California Railway
Southern Cambria Railway
Southern Cement Company
Southern Central Pacific Railway Company
Southern Central Railroad Company
Southern Colorado Power Company
Southern Division Cumberland & Ohio Railroad
Southern Electric Generating
Southern Freight Logistics, LLC
Southern Illinois Railcar, Inc
Southern Illinois Railcar, Inc
Southern Indiana Railway, Inc
Southern Industrial Railway
Southern Iowa Railroad Company
Southern Kansas
Southern Kansas Railway of Texas
Southern Maryland Railroad
Southern Minnesota
Southern New England Railroad
Southern New Jersey
Southern New York Power & Railway Company
Southern New York Railway
Southern Okanagan Railway Company
Southern Oregon Companys Logging Railroad
Southern Pacific Company
Southern Pacific Lines
Southern Pacific Railroad
Southern Pacific Railroad (of California)
Southern Pacific Railroad of Arizona
Southern Pacific Railroad of New Mexico
Southern Pacific Santa Fe
Southern Pacific Transportation Company
Southern Pennsylvania Railroad
Southern Pennsylvania Railway & Mining Company
Southern Pennsylvania Railway & Mining Company
Southern Pine Lumber Company
Southern Railroad
Southern Railroad COmpany of New Jersey
Southern Railway Company
Southern Railway in Kentucky
Southern Railway in Mississippi
Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited
Southern Railway of Colombia
Southern Railway of Peru
Southern Rio Grande
Southern San Luis Valley Railroad Company
Southern Switching Company
Southern Trans-Continental Railway
Southern Utah Railway
Southfield Branch Railroad Company
Southington & Plantsville Tramway Company
Southrail Corp
Southside Street Railway
Southwest Forest Industries
Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Southwest Pennsylvania Railway Company
Southwest Portland Cement
Southwest Railway Construction Company
Southwest Virginia Railroad
Southwestern Arkansas & Indian Territory Railway Company
Southwestern Electric Power Company
Southwestern Interurban
Southwestern Railroad (of Florida)
Southwestern Railroad (of Georgia)
Southwestern Railroad (of New Mexico)
Southwestern Railroad Company, Inc
Southwestern Railway Company
Soviet Railways
Spain (general)
Spanish Narrow Gauge Railways
Spanish National Railways
Sparks Western Railway
Spartanburg & Union Railroad
Spartanburg, Union & Columbia Railroad Company
Spencer Railroad
Spencer Steel Wire Company
Spencerville & Elgin
Sperry Rail Service
Spokane & Inland Electric Railway
Spokane & Inland Empire
Spokane & Palouse Railway Company
Spokane Falls & Idaho Railroad Company
Spokane Falls & Northern Railway
Spokane International Railroad Company
Spokane International Railway
Spokane, Coeur d'Alene & Palouse
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway
Spring Creek Railway
Spring Valley Electric Railway
Springfield & Illinois Southeastern
Springfield & Northwestern
Springfield Electric Railway
Springfield Railroad
Springfield Southern
Springfield Street Railway
Springfield Terminal Railway Company
Springfield, Havana & Peoria
Spuyten Duyvil & Port Morris Railroad Company
Squaw Creek Coal Company
Sri Lanka - Name Unknown
Sri Lanka Railways
St Augustine & Palatka Railway
St Augustine & South Beach Railway Company
St Catherine's Street Railway
St Charles Air Line Railroad Company
St Charles Street Railroad
St Clair Tunnel Company
St Clair, Madison & St Louis Belt Railroad Company
St Clairsville & Northern Railway Company
St Cloud & Sugar Belt
St Cloud, Grantsburg & Ashland Railroad Company
St Croix & Penobscott Railroad Company
St Croix Valley Railroad Company
St Elizabeth Hospital
St Francois County Railroad Company
St Gothard Railway
St John & Maine Railway
St John & Ophir
St Johns & Halifax River Railway
St Johns & Indian River Railroad
St Johns & Lake Eustis Railway Company
St Johns Electric Company
St Johns River Terminal Railway Company
St Johns Street Railway
St Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad Company
St Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad
St Joseph & Council Bluffs
St Joseph & Denver City
St Joseph & Des Moines
St Joseph & Grand Island Railroad Company
St Joseph & St Louis
St Joseph Belt Railway
St Joseph Terminal Railroad
St Joseph Union Depot Company
St Joseph Valley Railroad
St Joseph Valley Railway Company
St Joseph, Union Depot Company
St Laurent & Village d'Industrie
St Lawrence & Adirondack Railway Company
St Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad Company
St Lawrence & Hudson Railway Company Ltd
St Lawrence & Industry Village Railway
St Lawrence & Ottawa
St Lawrence & Raquette River Railroad
St Lawrence International Railroad & Land
St Lawrence Railroad
St Louis & Adirondack Railway Company
St Louis & Cairo Railroad Company
St Louis & Cairo Short Line
St Louis & Chicago Railway Company
St Louis & Eastern Railway Company
St Louis & Hannibal Railway Company
St Louis & Iron Mountain Railroad
St Louis & Kansas City
St Louis & North Arkansas
St Louis & Peoria Railroad Company
St Louis & San Francisco Railway Company
St Louis & Southeastern
St Louis & Southwestern Railway Company
St Louis & St Joseph
St Louis & Suburban
St Louis Bridge Company
St Louis Kansas City Short Line
St Louis Materials & Sand Company
St Louis Merchants Bridge Company
St Louis Merchants Bridge Terminal Railway Company
St Louis Public Service
St Louis Reefer Express
St Louis San Francisco Railway
St Louis Southern Railroad Company
St Louis Southwestern Railway Company
St Louis Southwestern Railway of Texas
St Louis Transfer Railway CompanySt Louis, Vandalia & Terre Haute Railroad Company
St Louis Water Works Railway
St Louis Zoo
St Louis, Alton & Terre Haute Railroad
St Louis, Arkansas & Texas Railway
St Louis, Avoyelles & Southwestern Railway Company
St Louis, Belleville & Southern Railway Company
St Louis, Brownsville & Mexico
St Louis, Cape Girardeau & Fort Smith Railway Company
St Louis, Chicago & St Paul Railroad Company
St Louis, Council Bluffs & Omaha Railroad Company
St Louis, El Reno & Western Railway
St Louis, Indianapolis & Eastern Railroad Company
St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway Company
St Louis, Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad Company
St Louis, Kansas & Southwestern Railroad Company
St Louis, Kansas City & Chicago
St Louis, Kansas City & Colorado Railroad Company
St Louis, Kansas City & Northern
St Louis, Kennett & Southern Railroad Company
St Louis, Keokuk & Northwestern Railroad Company
St Louis, Lawrence & Denver
St Louis, Lawrence & Western
St Louis, Memphis & Southeastern Railroad
St Louis, Oak Hill & Carondelet Railway Company
St Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific Railway
St Louis, Salem & Arkansas Railway Company
St Louis, Sturgis & Battle Creek Railroad Company
St Louis, Vandalia & Terre Haute Railroad Company
St Louis-San Francisco Railway Company
St Maries River Railroad Company
St Marys & Cherry Creek Railway Company
St Marys & Southwestern Railroad Company
St Marys & Southwestern Railroad Company
St Marys Railroad Company
St Marys River Railway Company
St Marys Valley Railway Company
St Marys, Lake City & Gulf Railroad Company
St Marys, Lake City & Gulf Railroad Company
St Paul & Duluth Railroad Company
St Paul & Northern Pacific Railway Company
St Paul & Pacific Railroad Company
St Paul Eastern Grand Trunk Railway Company
St Paul Union Depot Company
St Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway Company
St Petersburg & Gulf Railway
St Petersburg Municipal Railway
ST Rail System
St Regis Paper Company
St Thomas Street Railway
Stadtische Verkehrsbetriebe Bern
Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH
Stadtwerke Frankfurt am Main
Stadtwerke Frankfurt am Main
Stadtwerke Karlsruhe Verkehrsbetriebe
Staley System (? Elec Railway?)
Stamford Street Railway (?)
Standard Gravel
Standard Slag Company
Standard Steel Dvision (Baldwin, Lima, Hamil…?)
Stanstead, Shefford & Chambly Railway
Stark Electric Railroad Company
Starke & Simpson City
State Belt Railroad
State Line & Indiana City Railway Company
State Line & Sullivan Railroad Company
State Line Railroad Company
State Railway of Thailand
State University Railroad Company
Staten Island Midland Railway
Staten Island Railroad
Staten Island Railway Company
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad Company
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway
Statenville Railroad of Georgia
Statesboro Northern Railway
Statesville & Western
Stauffer Chemical
Steel Company of Canada
Steelton & Highspire Railroad Company
Steinway Lines
Sterling Iron Railway
Sterling Mountain Railway Company
Sterling, Dixon & Eastern Electric Railway
Steubenville Extension of Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Steubenville, East Liverpool & Beaver Valley (?)
Stewart Railroad
Stewartstown Railroad Company
Stickeen & Teslin Railway Navigation & Colonization Company
Stillmore Air Line Railway Company
Stillwater & St Paul Railroad Company
Stimson Mill Companys Railroad
Stockbridge & Pittsfield Railroad Company
Stockham Valves & Fittings
Stockton & Copperpolis Railway (?)
Stockton & Darlington Railway
Stockton Electric Railway (?)
Stockton Terminal
Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad
Stone Canyon & Pacific
Stone Canyon Railway
Stone Harbor & Wildwood
Stone Harbor Railroad
Stone Harbor Terminal Railroad
Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad
Stony Brook Railroad Company
Stony Clove & Catskill Mountain Railroad Company
Stony Creek Railroad Company
Stourbridge Railroad Company
Strasburg Railroad Company
Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive
Strathcona Central Railway Company
Strathcona Radial Tramway Company
Stratton & Company
Street railway Department of Anaconda Copper (?)
Strouds Creek & Muddlety Railroad
Stroudsburg & Watergap Railway
Stroudsburg Passenger Railway
Sturgis, Goshen & St Louis Railroad Company
Stuttgart & Arkansas River Railroad Company
Stuttgart Transport and Tariff Association
Sualmatz Lumber Company
Subterraneos de Buenos Aires
Subterraneos de Buenos Aires
Suburban Traction
Sud-Pacifico de Mexico
Sudan Railways Corp
Sudbury Copper Cliff Electric Railway
Sudbury Streetcar System (?)
Suffolk & Carolina Railway Company
Suffolk Traction
Sugar Land Railway Company
Sugar Pine Lumber Company
Sugar Run Railroad Company
Sullivan & Erie
Sullivan County Railroad Company
Sulphur Mines Railroad
Summerville & Saint Johns Railroad Company
Summit & Northeastern Railway
Sumpter & Choctaw Railway
Sumpter Valley Railway
Sumter & Choctaw Railway Company
Sun Oil Company
Sunbury & Lewistown Railway Company
Sunbury & Selingrove Street Railway Company
Sunbury, Hazelton & Wilkes Barre Railway Company
Suncook Valley Extension Railroad Company
Suncook Valley Railroad Company
Sunflower Railroad
Sunset Railway Company
Superior Short Line Railway Company
Superior Short Line Railway of Minnesota
Superior Stone Company
Sureste Railway
Surinam Railway
Surrey, Sussex & Southhampton Railway
Suspension Bridge & Erie Junction Railroad Company
Susquehanna & Buffalo Railroad Company
Susquehanna & Clearfield Railroad Company
Susquehanna & New York Railway
Susquehanna & Western
Susquehanna Connecting Railroad
Susquehanna Railroad
Susquehanna River & Western Railroad
Sussex Railroad Company
Sutton Street Wire Rope Railroad
Suwannee River Railway Company
Swamp Rabbit (?)
Swan Creek Railway Company
Swan River Logging Companys Railroad
Swansea & Mumbles Railway
Swatara & Cold Springs
Swayne Lumber Company
Swedesboro Railroad Company
Swedish State Railways
Swift (?)
Swiss Federal Railways
Swiss Light Railways
Switch Back Gravity Railroad
Switzerland (general)
Sydney & Louisburg Railway
Sydney Mines
Sylvania Central Railroad
Sylvania Central Railway
Sylvania Railroad Company
Syracuse & Baldwinsville Railway Company
Syracuse & Chenango Valley
Syracuse & Eastern
Syracuse & Eastside Railway Company
Syracuse & Onondaga
Syracuse & Rochester Railroad
Syracuse & Suburban Railroad
Syracuse & Utica Direct
Syracuse & Utica Railroad
Syracuse, Binghamton & New York Railroad Company
Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railway Company
Syracuse, Lake Shore & Northern
Syracuse, Phoenix & Oswego
Syrian Railways
T.R. Miller Company
Taber Transit Company
Tabor & Northern Railway
Tacoma & Columbia River Railway
Tacoma & Lake City Railroad & Navigation Company
Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Railway
Tacoma Railway & Power Company
Tacoma, Lake Park & Columbia River Railway
Tacoma, Orting & Southeastern Railroad Company
Tacubaya Railroad
Taff Vale Railway
Talbotton Railroad
Talca Street Railway
Talladega & Coosa Valley
Tallahassee & St Marks (?)
Tallahassee Southeastern Railway
Tallahassee, Pensacola & Gulf Railroad
Tallassee & Montgomery Railway Company
Talleyrand Terminal Railroad Company, Inc
Tallulah Falls Railway
Taltal Railway
Tama & Toledo
Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway
Tamaqua, Hazelton & Northern Railroad Company
Tampa & Gulf Coast Railroad
Tampa & Key West
Tampa & Thonotosassa Railroad
Tampa Northern Railroad
Tampa Port Authority
Tampa Southern Railroad
Tampa Union Station Company
Tanana Valley Railroad
Tandy Center Subway
Tasmanian Government Railways
Tatum Lumber Company
Taunton & Middleboro Railroad
Taunton & Pawtucket Street Railway
Taunton Branch Railroad
Taunton Locomotive Works
Taunton Street Railway Company
Tavares & Gulf Railroad
Tavares, Orlando & Atlantic Railroad Company
Taylor Mountain & Beaver Creek
Taylors Falls & Lake Superior Railroad Company
Teche Railroad & Sugar Company
Tela Fruit Company
Tela Railroad
Tela Railroad
Temiscouata Railway
Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway
Templeton Street Railway
Temuco Street Railway
Tennessee & Alabama
Tennessee & Coosa Railroad
Tennessee & North Carolina Railway
Tennessee Central Railroad Company
Tennessee Central Railway
Tennessee Coal & Iron Railroad Company
Tennessee Electric Power Company
Tennessee Midland Railroad Company
Tennessee Railroad
Tennessee Railway Company
Tennessee River, Ashville & Coosa Railway Company
Tennessee Southen Railroad Company, Inc
Tennessee State Line Railroad
Tennessee Valley Authority
Tennessee Valley Railroad
Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway
Tennessee, Kentucky & Northern
Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia
Tennken Railroad Company, Inc
Terminal Railroad Association of St Louis
Terminal Railroad of New Orleans
Terminal Railway, Alabama State Docks
Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad Company
Terre Haute & Logansport Railroad Company
Terre Haute & Peoria Railroad
Terre Haute & Southeastern
Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern
Texarkana & Fort Smith Railway Company
Texarkana & Shreveport Railroad Company
Texarkana Union Station Trust
Texarkana, Shreveport & Natchez Railway
Texas & New Mexico
Texas & New Orleans Railroad
Texas & Northern Railway Company
Texas & Oklahoma Railroad Company
Texas & Pacific Railway Company
Texas & Sabine Valley Railway
Texas & St Louis Railway Company
Texas Central Railroad
Texas City Terminal Railroad
Texas City Terminal Railway Company
Texas Electric Railway
Texas Export Railroad Company
Texas Mexican Railway Company
Texas Midland Railroad Company
Texas North Western Railway Company
Texas Pacific Missouri Pacific Terminal Railroad
Texas Pacific Railroad Company
Texas Rock Crusher Railway Company
Texas Short Line Railway
Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company
Texas State Railroad
Texas Traction
Texas Tram & Lumber Companys Railway
Texas Transportation Company
Texas Trunk Railroad
Texas Western Narrow Gage Railroad
Texas Western Railway Company
Texas, Gonzales & Northern Railway Company
Texas, Louisiana & Eastern Railroad
Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern Railroad Company
Texas, Sabine Valley & Northwestern Railway
Texas-Mexican Railway Company
Texas-New Mexico Railway Company
Texax Traction (?)
Thailand Railways (?)
Thatcher's Inlet Railroad
Thermal Belt Railway
Third Avenue Railway System
Third Avenue Transit Railroad Company
Thomaston Tramway Company
Thompson Run Coal & Railroad Company
Thornton & Alexandria Railroad Company
Thunder Bay Transit System (?)
Thunder lake Lumber Company
Thunderbird Collieries
Thurso & Nation Valley Railway
Tiadaghton & Fahnastalk Railway Company
Tichy Train Group
Ticonderoga Railroad Company
Tide Water Railroad Company, The
Tidewater & Deepwater
Tidewater & Southern Transit Company
Tidewater & Western
Tidewater Southern Railroad
Tidewater Southern Railway Company
Tiffin, Fostoria & Eastern Railway
Tifton & Northeastern Railroad Company
Tilton & Belmont Railroad Company
Timberrock Railroad Company, Inc
Timken Roller Bearing Company
Tintic Range Railway Company
Tioga Central
Tioga Lumber Company
Tioga Railroad Company
Tionesta Valley & Hickory Railway Company
Tionesta Valley & Salmon Creek Railway Company
Tionesta Valley Railway Company
Tipton Railroad Company
Titusville, Cambridge & Lake Erie Railroad Company
Tivoli Beer
Tivoli Hollow Railroad Company
Toad Mountain & Nelson Tramway Company
Tobu Railway Company
Toledo & Eastern Railroad
Toledo & Illinois
Toledo & Indiana Railway
Toledo & Michgan Belt Railroad Company
Toledo & Ohio
Toledo & Ohio Central Extension Railroad Company
Toledo & Ohio Central Railway Company
Toledo & Ohio Northern Railway Company
Toledo & South Haven
Toledo & Western
Toledo Belt Railway Company
Toledo Edison
Toledo Electric Railway
Toledo Railway & Light Company
Toledo Southeastern Railway
Toledo Terminal Railroad Company
Toledo, Angola & Western Railway
Toledo, Ann Arbor & Cadillac Railway
Toledo, Ann Arbor & Jackson
Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Railway
Toledo, Bowling Green & Southern Tract
Toledo, Canada Southern & Detroit Railway
Toledo, Canada Southern & Detroit Railway Company
Toledo, Cincinnati & St Louis
Toledo, Cleveland Lake Shore Electric
Toledo, Columbus & Ohio River Railroad Company
Toledo, Delphos & Burlington
Toledo, Fostoria & Findley
Toledo, Fremont & Norwalk
Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw
Toledo, Peoria & Western Railroad
Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway Corp
Toledo, Port Clinton & Lakeside Railway
Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon Railway Company
Toledo, St Louis & Cincinnati
Toledo, St Louis & Kansas City Railroad Company
Toledo, St Louis & Western
Toledo, Wabash & Western
Toledo, Walhonding Valley & Ohio Railroad Company
Toledo-Detroit Railroad
Tomah & Lake St Croix
Tomahawk Railway Limited Partnership
Tombstone Southern
Toms River & Barnegat Railroad Company
Toms River & Waretown Railroad Company
Toms River Railroad Company
Tonawanda Island Railroad, Inc
Tonawanda Railroad
Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Railroad Company
Tonawanda Valley Extension Railroad Company
Tonawanda Valley Railroad
Tonawanda, Genesee Valley & Pine Creek
Tonawanda, Wiscoy & Genesee Valley
Tongue River Railroad Company
Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad
Tonopah & Greenwater Railroad
Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad
Tonopah Railroad
Tooele Valley Railway Company
Toonerville Interurban
Toonerville Trolley
Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad
Toronto & Minico Electric Railway
Toronto & Nipissing Railway
Toronto & York Radial Railway
Toronto Civic Railway
Toronto Railway Company
Toronto Rapid Transit
Toronto Terminals Railway Company, Ltd
Toronto Transit Commission
Toronto Transportation Commission
Toronto, Gray & Bruce Railway
Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway
Toronto, Sarnia & Lake Huron
Toronto, Simcoe & Lake Huron
Torrington & Winchester Street Railway
Towanda-Monroeton Shippers Lifeline, Inc
Townsville Railroad
Trail Creek & Columbia Railway Company
Trail Creek Tramway
Tramvaino-Trolleibusnoe Upravlenie
Tramway Society Berne
Tramway Sud-Ouest Lausannois
Tramways Ltd
Trans Car Services (?)
Trans-Siberian Railway
Transandine Railway
Transcisco Leasing Company
TransKentucky Transportation Railroad, Inc
Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicano, SA de CV
Transports Publics Genevois
Tranvie della Sardegna
Tranz Rail of New Zealand
Traverse Bay & Copper Range Railroad Company
Traverse City Railroad Company
Treasure Island
Tredegar Mineral Railway
Tremont Street Line
Tremount & Gulf Railway
Tren Urbano
Trenton & Mercer County Traction Corp
Trenton Delaware Bridge Company
Trenton-Princeton Traction Company
Tresckow Railroad Company
Tri City Traction
Tri-City Railway Company
Tri-County Metropolitan District of Oregon
Triad Chemical
Trillium Railway Company, Ltd
Trinidad Government Railway
Trinidad Railway, Inc
Trinity & Brazos Valley
Trinity Railway Express
Trinity, Cameron & Western Railroad Company
Trogen Railway
Trona Railway Company
Tropical Florida Railroad
Troy & Bennington Railroad Company
Troy & Boston
Troy & Greenbush Railroad Company
Troy & Greenfield
Troy & New England Railway Company
Troy & Tiptonville Railroad Company
Troy City Railway
Troy Union Railroad Company
Troy, Saratoga & Northern
Trujillo Railway
Tsimpsean Light & Power Company
TTX Company
TTX Company
Tuckahoe & Cape May Railway
Tuckerton Railroad Company
Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend Railroad
Tuen Mun
Tulare Valley Railroad Company
Tulia Grain Terminal
Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company
Tunnel Railroad Company of St Louis
Turkish State Railways
Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryollari Isletmesi
Turku Tramways
Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad, Inc
Turun Kaupungin Liikennelaitos
Tuscaloosa Belt Railway
Tuscaloosa Railway & Utilities Company
Tuscambia & Decatur (?)
Tuscarora Valley Railroad Company
Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway Company, Inc
Tuscon, Cornelia & Gila Bend Railroad Company
Tuscumbia Railroad
Tuscumbia Railway
Tuscumbia, Courtland & Decatur Railway
Tuskegee Railroad
Twin Branch Railroad Company
Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company
Twin City Rapid Transit
Twin Falls Railway Company
Twin Mountain & Potomac Railroad
Twin Seams Mining Company
Twin State Railroad Company
Twin Trees Mines Company
Tyburn Railroad Company
Tyler Southeastern Railway Company
Tyler Tap Railroad
Tyrone & Clearfield Railway Company
Tyson Railroad Company
Uintah Railroad
Uintah Railway
Ulster & Delaware Railroad Company
Ultima, Thule, Arkadelphia & Mississippi Railroad
Ulvalde & Northern Railway
Unadilla Valley Railway Company
Uncanoonuc Incline railway
Unidos de Yucatan
Unidos del Sureste
Union Canal
Union Carbide
Union County Industrial Railroad Company
Union Depot & Railroad Company of Denver
Union Depot Company (Kansas City, Missouri)
Union Electric Railway
Union Freight Railroad Company
Union Iron Works
Union Pacific Coal Company
Union Pacific Railroad
Union Pacific Railway Company
Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railway Company
Union Pacific, Lincoln & Colorado Railway
Union Passenger Railway Company
Union Point & White Plains Railroad Company
Union Railroad (?)
Union Railroad Company (of Baltimore)
Union Railroad Company (of New York)
Union Railroad Elevator & Transportation Company
Union Railroad of Oregon
Union Railway
Union Refrigerated Transit
Union River Logging Railroad
Union Stock Yard & Transfer
Union Stock Yard & Transit Company
Union Street Railway
Union Street Railway
Union Tank Car Company
Union Tank Line
Union Terminal Company
Union Terminal Railroad Company
Union Terminal Railroad Company
Union Traction Company
Union Transportation Company
Union Wharf & Plank Walk Company
United Commercial Company Inc
United Company
United Electric Coal
United Electric Railway Company
United Electric Railways
United Fruit Company
United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Company
United Railroads of San Francisco
United Railroads of Washington
United Railway of St Louis
United Railways & Electric
United Railways of Oregon
United Railways of Yucatan
United States & Canada Railroad Company
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Atomic Energy Commission
United States Borax
United States Department of Transportation
United States Isthamian Canal Commission
United States Military Railroad
United States Naval Ammunition Depot
United States Navy
United States Pipe & Foundry
United States Railroad Administration
United States Steel Corp
United States Sugar
United States War Department
United Terminal Railway
United Traction Company
United Traction Street Railway
United Verde & Pacific Railway Company
Unites States Railway Equipment Manufacturing
Unity Railways Company
Universal Exploration Company
University of Illinois
University of Minnesota
Unknown Railroad
Upjohn Company
Upper Columbia Navigation & Tramway Company
Upper Columbia Railway Company
Upper Coos & Hereford
Upper Coos Railroad Company
Upper Merion & Plymouth Railroad Company
Upravlenie Automobil'movo Transporta
Upravlenie Automobil'movo Transporta
Upson County Railroad Company
Urban Transportation Development Corp
Ursina & North Fork Railway Company
Uruguay East Coast Railway
Uruguay Northern Railway
Uruguay Railway
Uruguayan State Railways
US Department of Defense
US Dept of Energy, Albuquerque
Utah & Northern
Utah Belt
Utah Central Railway Company
Utah Coal Route
Utah Copper Division of Kennecott Copper (?)
Utah Idaho Central Railroad
Utah Northern
Utah Power & Light
Utah Railway Company
Utah Terminal Company
Utah Transit Authority
Utica & Black River Railroad Company
Utica & Schenectady Railroad
Utica, Chenango & Susquehanna Valley Railway Company
Utica, Clinton & Binghamton Railroad Company
Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railroad
Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railway
Uvalde & Northern
Uwanta Egg
V&S Railway, Inc
Vaccaro Brothers & Company
Vacuum Wine & Spirits Canning Corp
Valdosta Railway, LP
Valdosta Southern Railroad Company
Valdosta Southern Railway
Valdosta, Moultrie & Western
Valentine Iron Companys Railroad
Valley & Siletz Railroad Company
Valley City Street & Interurban Railway
Valley Railroad (of Pennsylvania)
Valley Railroad Company (of New York)
Valley Railroad Company (of Ohio)
Valley Railroad Company (of Virginia)
Valley Railways
Valparaiso Street Railway
Van Buren Bridge Company
Vancouver & Coast-Kootenay Railway Company
Vancouver & Grand Forks Railway Company
Vancouver & Lulu Island Electrical Railway & Improvement Company
Vancouver & Lulu Island Railway Company
Vancouver & Nicola Valley Railway Company
Vancouver & Northern Railway Company
Vancouver & Westminster Railway Company
Vancouver Coal Mining & Land Company
Vancouver Electric Railway & Light Company
Vancouver Island & Eastern Railway Company
Vancouver Land & Railway Company
Vancouver, Fraser Valley & Southern Railway Company
Vancouver, Klickitat & Yakima Railroad Company
Vancouver, Northern, Peace River & Alaska Railway & Navigation Company
Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway & Navigation
Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway & Navigation Company
Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway Company
Vancouver, Westminster, Northern & Yukon Railway Company
Vandalia Railroad Company
Vaughan Railroad Company
Velasco Terminal Railway Company
Velvet Mine Railway Company
Venango River Railroad
Venezuela (general)
Venezuela Central Railway
Venice Shore Line (?)
Venice Short Line
Ventura County Railroad Company
Ventura County Railway Company
Ventura Railway Company
Verkehrgemeinschaft Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Verkehrsbetriede in Potsdam
Vermilion & Cold Lake Railway Company
Vermont & Massachusetts Railroad Company
Vermont Central
Vermont Northern
Vermont Railway, Inc
Vermont Valley Railroad Company of 1871
Vernon & Okanagan Railway Company
Vernon, Greensburg & Rushville Railroad Company
Veronia, South Park & Sunset Steam Railroad
VIA Rail
Vicksburg & Jackson Railroad
Vicksburg Street Railway
Vicksburg, Shreveport & Texas Railroad Company
Victoia's Public Transport Corp
Victoria & Barkley Sound Railway Company
Victoria & Esquimalt Railway Company
Victoria & North American Railway Company
Victoria & Saanich Railway Company
Victoria & Seymour Narrows Railway Company
Victoria & Sidney Railway Company
Victoria & Sydney Railway
Victoria & Western Railroad Company
Victoria Electric Railway & Lighting Company
Victoria Lumber Company
Victoria Terminal Railway & Ferry Company
Victoria Transfer Company
Victoria, Saanich & New Westminster Railway Company
Victoria, Vancouver & Westminster Railway Company
Victory Park Railway
Vietnam Railways
Vina del Mar Street Railway
Vincentown Branch Railroad Company
Vineland Railroad Company
Virginia & Carolina Southern Railroad
Virginia & Maryland
Virginia & Rainy Lake
Virginia & Southern
Virginia & Southwestern Railroad
Virginia & Tennessee Railroad
Virginia & Truckee Railroad
Virginia & Truckee Railway
Virginia Anthracite & Coal Railway Company
Virginia Blue Ridge Railway
Virginia Carolina Railroad
Virginia Central Railroad
Virginia Central Railway
Virginia Electric & Power Company
Virginia Midland Railway Company
Virginia Pocahontas
Virginia Public Service Company
Virginia Railway & Power Company
Virginia Transit
Virginia-Tennessee Railroad
Virginian & western
Virginian Railway
Visalia & Tulare Railroad Company
Visalia Electric Railroad Company
Visalia Railroad Company
Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij
Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappj
Voith Hydro, Inc
Vulcan Detining
Vulcan Materials
W.T. Smith Lumber Company Railroad
Wabash Central Railroad Corp
Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal
Wabash Railroad Company
Wabash Railway
Wabash Terminal Railway
Wabash Valley
Wabash, Chester & Western Railroad Company
Wabash, St Louis & Pacific Railway
Wabush Lake Railway & Arnaud Railway
Waccamaw Coastline Railroad
Waco & Northwestern Railroad Company
Waco, Beaumont, Trinity & Sabine Railway
Wadley & Mount Vernon Railroad Company
Wadley Southern
Wahpeton-Breckenridge Street Railway Company
Waialua Plantation
Waitesboro & Western
Wales & West
Walkersville Southern Railroad, Inc
Walking Horse & Eastern Railroad Company, Inc
Walla Walla & Columbia River Railroad
Walla Walla Valley Railway
Wallace Stone
Wallkill Traction Company
Wallkill Valley Railroad Company
Wampum & State Line
Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern
Wanamie Mining Company
Ware & Brookfield Street Railway
Ware River Railroad Company
Ware Shoals Railroad
Warner Sand & Gravel
Warren & Farnsworth
Warren & Ouachita Valley Railway (?)
Warren & Saline River Railroad
Warren & Trumbull Railroad Company, The
Warren & Venango
Warren Creek Railroad Company
Warren Paper Company
Warren Railroad Company
Warren, Brookfield & Spencer Street Railway
Warren-Bisbee Railway
Warrenton Rail Road
Warrenton Railroad Company
Warrern & Franklin Railway
Warrior River Terminal Railroad
Warwick & Leamington Railway
Warwick Railroad
Warwick Railway Company
Warwick Valley Railroad
Washingtn & Idaho Railroad
Washington & Chesapeake Beach
Washington & Columbia River Railway
Washington & Lincolnton Railroad
Washington & Old Dominion Railroad
Washington & Old Dominion Railway
Washington & Pittsburgh
Washington & Potomac Railroad Company
Washington & Waynesburg
Washington Central Railroad Company, Inc
Washington City & Point Lookout Railroad Company
Washington City Virginia Mid & Gr Sou (???)
Washington County Railroad Company
Washington County Railroad Corp
Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority
Washington Railway & Electric Company
Washington Run Railroad
Washington Southern Railway Company
Washington Terminal Company, The
Washington Water Power Company
Washington, Alexandria & Mount Vernon Railway
Washington, Arlington & Falls Church
Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Electric (?)
Washington, Brandywine & Point Lookout
Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway Company
Washington, Potomac & Chesapeake Railway
Washington, Westminster & Gettysburg
Washington-Virginia Railway
Washita & Santa Fe
Washoe County Railroad
Watauga Railroad
Watchung Branch Railroad Company
Watchung Railway Company
Water Division Railroad, St Louis
Water Gap Railroad
Waterbury & Milldale
Waterloo Railroad Company
Waterloo Railway Company
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railway
Watertown & Lake Kampeska Railway Company
Watertown & Rome
Watertown & Sioux Falls Railway
Watertown Railroad Company
Waterviet Turnpike
Waterviet Turnpike & Horse railway
Waterville & Fairfield Horse Railroad
Waterville & Fairfield Railway & Light Company
Waterville & Oakland Street Railway
Waterville Electric Light & Power Company
Waterville Railway
Waterville, Fairfield & Oakland Railway
Watsonville Transportation Company
Waukegan & Mississippi Valley Railway Company
Waukegan, Rockford & Elgin
Waupaca Green Bay Railway
Waverly & State Line Railroad Company
Wavery Short Line Railway
Waycross & Florida Railroad
Waycross Air Line Railroad
Waynesburg & Washington Railroad Company
Waynesburg Southern
WC&S Railroad Corp
WCTU Railway Company
Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern Railway Company
Webber Falls
Webster & Dudley Street Railway
Weehawken Branch Railroad Company
Weems Electric
Welland & Port Colborne
Wellsboro & Corning Railroad Company
Wellsville, Addison & Galeton Railroad
Wellsville, Bolivar & Eldred
Wellsville, Coudersport & Pine Creek Railroad Company
Wengernalp Railway
Wengernalp Railways
West Anglia Great Northern
West Australian Government Railways
West Branch Railroad Company (of Pennsylvania)
West Chester Railroad Company
West Chester, Kennett Square & Wilmington (?)
West Chicago Street Railroad Company
West Coast Express
West Coast Railway
West Dallas Railway Company
West End Chemical Company
West End Railroad Company
West End Street Railway
West End Street Railway
West Feliciana Railroad Company
West Highland Railway
West Isle Line, Inc
West Japan Railway Company
West Jersey & Atlantic Railroad
West Jersey & Seashore Railroad Company
West Jersey Railroad Company
West Michigan Railroad Company
West Palm Beach Terminal
West Penn & Pittsburg Railway
West Penn Power Company
West Penn Railway Company
West Penn Traction
West Penn Traction
West Pittston-Exeter Railroad
West Point Route
West Range Railroad Company
West River Railroad
West Shore Railroad Company
West Shore Railroad Corp
West Side & Yonkers Railway
West Side Lumber Company
West Side Railroad
West Side Railway
West Stockbridge Railroad Company
West Tennessee Railroad Corp
West Texas & Lubbock Railroad Company, Inc
West Virginia Central & Pittsburgh Railroad
West Virginia Midland Railroad
West Virginia Northern Railroad
West Virginia Pittsburgh Railroad Company
West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company
West Virginia Southern Railway Company
West Virginia State Rail Authority
West Virginia, Pineville & Tennessee Railroad Company
Westbrook, Windham & Naples Railway
Westchester & Western
Westerman Coal & Iron Railorad Company
Western & Allegheny
Western & Atlantic Railroad Company
Western Alabama
Western Alberta Railway Company
Western Allegheny Railroad
Western Allegheny Railway
Western Brick Company
Western Canada Power Company
Western Coal & Coke Company
Western Counties of Nova Scotia (?)
Western Dominion Railway Company
Western Energy Company
Western Forest Industries
Western Fruit Express
Western Insurance & Transportation Company
Western Maryland Railroad Company
Western Missouri Railcar Company
Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway Company
Western North Carolina Railroad
Western Nova Scotia Power Company
Western of Massachusetts
Western Ohio Railroad
Western Pacific
Western Pacific & Rio Grande
Western Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Western Rail Road Company
Western Rail Switching, Inc
Western Railroad Corporation
Western Railroad of Alaska
Western Railroad Properties, Inc
Western Railway
Western Railway Museum
Western Railway of Alabama
Western Railway of Mexico
Western Union Telegraph Company
Western Vermont
Westfield Plantation
Westfield Railroad
Westminster & Vancouver Tramway Company
Westminster Street Railway Company
Westmont Inclined Plane
Westmoreland Coal Company
Weston & Brooker Crushed Stone Company
Wetaskiwin, Yellowhead & Revelstoke Railway Company
Weyerhauser Lumber Company
Weyerhauser Timber Company
Wharton & Northern Railroad
Wharton Valley Railway Company
Whatcomb County Railway & Light Company
Wheeling & Elm Grove Railroad Company
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company
Wheeling Bridge & Terminal Railway Company
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel
Wheeling Railway Company
Wheeling Traction Company
Wheeling, Pittsburgh & Baltimore Railroad Company
Whippany & Passaic River Railroad
Whippany River Railroad Company
White & Black River Valley Railway
White Castle & Lake Natchez Railway Company
White City Terminal & Utility Company
White Deer & Loganton Railroad
White Deer Valley Railroad
White Mountain Central Railroad
White Pass & Yukon Corp, Ltd
White Pass & Yukon Railway
White River Lumber
White River Railroad
White Sulphur Springs & Yellowstone Park
White Top
Whitefield & Jefferson Railroad Company
Whitehall Cement
Whitewater Valley Railroad, Inc
Whitmer & Steel Company
Whitneyville & Machiasport
Wichita & Midland Valley
Wichita & Western Railway Company
Wichita Falls & Northwestern
Wichita Falls & Southern
Wichita Falls Railway
Wichita Northwestern Railway
Wichita Union Terminal Railway Company, The
Wichita Valley Railway
Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway Company, Inc
Wild Goose Railroad
Wildwood & Delaware Bay Short Line
Wilkes Barre & Eastern Railroad Company
Wilkes Barre & Harveys Lake Railroad Company
Wilkes Barre & Hazelton Railway
Wilkes Barre & Wyoming Valley Traction
Wilkes Barre Connecting Railroad
Wilkes Barre Railway
Wilkesbarre & Scranton Railway Company
Willamette & Pacific Railroad, Inc
Willamette Iron & Steel Company
Willamette Valley Railway Company
William Mason
Williamette Valley & Coast
Williams Valley Railroad Company
Williamsport & North Branch Railroad Company
Williamstown & Delaware River Railroad Company
Williamstown & Redfield
Williamstown Railroad
Williamsville, Greenville & St Louis Railway
Willmar & Sioux Falls Railway
Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad
Wilmington & Manchester Railroad
Wilmington & Northern Railroad Company
Wilmington & Reading
Wilmington & Welden Railway
Wilmington & Weldon Railroad
Wilmington & Western Railway Corp
Wilmington Railway Bridge Company
Wilmington Sea Coast Railroad Company
Wilmington Terminal Railroad, LP
Wilmington, Brunswick & Southport
Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conway Railroad Company
Wilmington, Charlotte & Rutherford Railroad
Wilmington, Columbia & Augusta Railroad Company
Wilmington, Newbern & Norfolk Railway
Wilson & Fayetteville Railroad Company
Wilson & Summerton Railroad Company
Wilton Railroad Company
Winamac Southern Railway Company
Winans Locomotives
Winchester & Potomac Railroad Company
Winchester & Strasburg Railroad Company
Winchester & Western Railroad Company
Winchester Street Railway
Wind Gap & Delaware Railroad Company
Windsor & Annapolis Railway
Windsor & Hantsport Railway Company Ltd
Windsor Electric Street Railway Company
Winfield Electric Railway
Winfield Railroad
Winifrede Railroad Company
Winninsimmet Street Railway
Winnipeg Electric Company
Winnipeg Hydro Tramway
Winnipeg, Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg
Winona & St Peter Railroad Company
Winona & Warsaw Railway
Winona & Western Railway
Winona Bridge Railway
Winona Railroad
Winslow & Richland Railroad
Winston & Bone Valley Railroad Company
Winston Salem Southbound Railway Company
Winston Salem Southern
Winston Salem Terminal Company
Winton Railroad Company
Wiregrass Central Railroad Company, Inc
Wiscasset & Quebec Railroad Company
Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington
Wisconsin & Calumet Railroad Company, Inc
Wisconsin & Chippewa Railway
Wisconsin & Illinois
Wisconsin & Michigan Railway
Wisconsin & Northern
Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Company
Wisconsin Central Company
Wisconsin Central Ltd
Wisconsin Central Railroad Company
Wisconsin Central Transportation Inc
Wisconsin Midland Railroad Company
Wisconsin Power & Light
Wisconsin, Iowa & Nebraska
Wisconsin, Minnesota & Pacific Railroad Company
Woburn Branch
Wolfeboro Railroad Company
Wood River Branch Railroad Company
Woodard walker Lumber Company
Woodstock & Sycamore Traction Company
Woodstock Railway Company
Woodstock, Thames Valley & Ingersoll
Woodstown & Swedesboro Railroad Company
Woodward Iron Company Railroad
Woonsocket & Pascoag Railroad Company
Worcester & Connecticut Eastern
Worcester & Nashua Railroad
Worcester & Norwich
Worcester & Providence Street Railway
Worcester & Shrewsbury Railroad Company
Worcester & Shrewsbury Street Railway
Worcester & Webster Street Railway
Worcester & Webster Street Railway
Worcester Consolidated Street Railway
Worcester, Nashua & Rochester Railroad Company
Wrightsville & Sun Hill Railroad Company
Wrightsville & Tennille Railroad
Wuppertal Monorail
Wyandotte Logging Railroad Company
Wyandotte Southern Railroad
Wyandotte Terminal Railroad
Wye Transportation Corp
Wylam Railway
Wyoming-Colorado Railroad
Yadkin Valley Railroad Company
Yakima Traction Company
Yakima Valley Transportation Company
Yakutat & Southern Railway
Yale Short Line
Yale-Northern Railway Company
Yampa Valley Railroad
Yancey Railroad
Yankeetown Dock
Yankton & Western Railway
Yankton, Norfolk & Southern
Yarmouth & Annapolis Railway
Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad
Yellow River Railroad Company
Yellowstone Park Railroad
Yolo Shortline Railroad Company
York Harbor & Beach Railroad Company
York Pennsylvania Railways
York Railway
York River Railroad
York Southern Railroad Company
York Utilities Railway Company
Yorkrail, Inc
Yosemite Mountain & Sugar Pine
Yosemite Short Line
Yosemite Valley Railroad
Youghiogheny & Wick Haven Railroad Company
Youghiogheny Central Railway Company
Youghiogheny Northern Railroad Company
Youghiogheny Railroad Company
Youngstown & Austintown Railroad Company
Youngstown & Austintown Railway Company
Youngstown & Northern Railroad
Youngstown & Ohio River
Youngstown & Southern Railway
Youngstown & Suburban Railway
Youngstown Steel
Yreka Railroad Company
Yreka Western Railroad
Yubari Railway
Yucatan Railway
Yugoslav Railways
Yugoslav Railways
Zaclon Inc
Zalev Brothers Limited
Zanesville & Ohio River Railway
Zanesville & Western
Zanesville Terminal Railway Company
Zanesville, Marietta & Parkersburg
Zeigler Coal Company
Zerbe Valley
Zermatt Railway
Zinc Corporation of America
Ziol Tank Line
Zip Transportation Company, Inc
Zurich Transport Authority



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